GTA V Glitch Makes Planes On The Ground Take Off And Chase You

Video: There's a pretty cool glitchy trick in GTA V that makes planes on the ground take off and chase you around the map. The only thing you need is one of the supercars and a little preparation. It is explained in detail how to pull this off below in this short tutorial, made by the ones who found this bug recently.

This could cause really surprising moments in GTA Online:

GTA V - Pegasi Zentorno STOL [YouTube]

Picture: via NerdCubed/YouTube


    >No actual footage of it chasing him around the map

      I got confused by that too. The glitch he's demonstrating is that hitting the underside of the jets makes them take off on the spot. So the title should probably read 'GTA V Glitch Makes Planes On The Ground Take Off, And Also Sometimes They Will Chase You After They Take Off'. I'm guessing that sometimes chasing you could probably be achieved by shooting at them at the right time.

    I love the kinds of bugs, glitches and exploits people find in games! Fond memories of QA days.

    Check out nerdcubed's video, he clearly has footage of a jet flying head first towards his car and is actually captured from ps3 in hd

    There are no npcs operating planes at the airport in GTAO, so no.

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