There's A Teeny Tiny Chance You Could Be In The New Star Wars

The latest instalment of Star Wars is great for many reasons, but now there's one more: You can donate to charity for a chance to fly to London, meet the cast and be in the latest film.

Director J.J. Abrams explains in the video above, this is the start of a new initiative called "Star Wars: Force for Change", which is "dedicated to finding creative solutions to some of the world's biggest problems". It's not entirely clear exactly what that means, but if it's just a series of charity drives with Star Wars prizes like this, that would be perfectly fine with me.

The contest is being run through Omaze, which is sort of a cross between a charity raffle and a Kickstarter campaign. You can buy one entry for $US10, or back at higher tiers which get you some fancy rewards as well as more chances to win:

Jedi Master of the High Council - $US25000

2500 Entries

VIP tour + advance preview screening of Star Wars: Episode VII at Lucasfilm (subject to passing a security clearance) Rewards distributed between December 15-18, 2015

You have until July 18 to enter, so start scraping together your cash, pooling it with your friends and arguing over who will be the one to actually get the cameo if you win.

Equally important to anyone disappointed by the prequels will be the non-CGI alien that wanders by in the middle of the video. Hooray practical effects!



      I took a shot in the dark that the first comment here won the cameo. Now i have read the article all i can say is, when you gamble big like that sometimes you are gonna lose.

    Me like math. Math don't like me.
    Me wrote numbers wrongy.

    Last edited 22/05/14 12:55 pm

      Uh ...thats giving you 5000 entries so that you could try and win the place ... Not a total of 4996 people paying $50,000

    You gotta be kidding me. Another Star Wars movie (at least partly) set on Tattooine? Why invent a whole galaxy worth of worlds if you're just gonna keep visiting the same boring desert planet in almost every movie?

      Yeah, I'm tired of all the other movies out there that keep being set on the plant Earth. Boring!

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