There's Already Been A Persona 4 Animated Series.

There's already been a Persona 4 animated series. Now there's another one, adding in the extra content seen only in the Vita re-release of the game.


    Well at least the characters wont look like they're suffering from permanent sunburns in this one.

    That is all.

    EDIT took me five attempts to post this before the comment system stopped telling me I was replying too quickly.

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    I like Persona 4 just as much as anyone, but this is getting a little bit too much. They're really milking this for all its worth, and it's just getting a little silly.

    I was skeptical, but since their faces look way less stupid in this version I'm all for it.

    I stayed up all night watching the announcement stream. It got really weird fast.
    A-1 is animating this so the quality will be better than before :D

    at least I didn't buy the overpriced DVDs of the original series.
    will now wait to buy the overpriced DVDs of this new one. :p

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