There's No Better Way To Show How Much Graphics Have Changed In The Last 22 Years

Dayshot: There's no better way to show how much graphics have changed in the last 22 years than B. J. Blazkowicz, the main character of the Wolfenstein games, dressed as a baby. He's wearing the same silly costume in Wolfenstein 3D from 1992 and in Wolfenstein: The New Order. It just got 100 per cent more realistic and frightening.

Dayshot showcases some of the prettiest, funniest game-related screenshots and art that we can find.


    lol! Always played on "Can I play, Daddy?" back in the day...
    Ok, I'm picking up this game today..

      You won't be disappointed at all. I'm about 4 hours in and it's been a blast. The story is surprisingly engaging as well, not what I was expecting from this. They've done well.

        I completely agree, I haven't had this much fun with gun-play, stealth and running around stabbing, shooting and chucking knives since the Tomb Raider reboot. It's weird though, I've noticed the stealth in the game is best done with a run-'n'-gun mindset. Running up to the first guy and doing a take down then throwing a knife at the second and silently shooting a third.

          I keep forgetting you can throw knives! Need to try that move tonight.

          The only thing about the game that irks me is having to manually collect ammo with a button press. Would much rather just be a vacuum, kinda wish they went the classic route with that. I just find it sometimes slows down the pace a bit too much after you've had the rush of blasting through a room of nazi's, then having to run around spamming square.

        I'm thoroughly impressed with it, the gunplay is immensely satisfying. Back to how I grew up with shooters! hoorah!

        Well done machinegames.

    Agreed, having a ton of fun with reminiscing back to the good old days while loving the updated everything.

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    Sounds good - I have to go and get this to take a look!

    Let's hope they do the next Doom game justice

    Can't wait to pick this up tomorrow. Anyone had a go at the Doom 4 Beta yet?

      I didn't think they'd released that yet? I think It was just that if you order the game, you get a beta key for "when it's in beta"

    Best of all guys!
    There is an Easter Egg in there where you get 1 life playing the original Wolfenstein 3D. Awesomely Awesome Awesomeness.

    I got to play around 3 hours last night. Excellent fun. All graphics settings maxed out and it looks terrific, with nice high frame rates. Before I started playing I was kind of bummed that it doesn't support SLI. I shouldn't have worried. Just using one of my two GTX780Ti cards it still ran as well as I could possibly want.

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