These Are The 10 Studios Making Assassin's Creed Unity

These Are The 10 Studios Making Assassin's Creed Unity

Some people roll their eyes (or grunt or sigh) when they're reminded of how many studios Ubisoft uses to make their massive Assassin's Creed games, but as someone who likes each year's instalment , I just find it interesting.

Ubisoft Montreal normally leads development, although they clearly juggle teams, giving each major AC Montreal team at least two years to make a game.

The company traditionally dedicates at least one studio (Annecy, previously) to multiplayer and at least one studio to DLC (Quebec, in the past).

I know that several years ago the Singapore team was credited with making the "hidden location" levels of the games, which were cool, linear and more blockbuster-movie action sequences. Singapore was then credited with doing a lot of the development of sailing for, I believe, ACIII and ACIV.

The Assassin's Creed games are modular as is, so this continued multi-studio approach doesn't worry me. I've found, in fact, that it results in a lot of surprising high-quality content tucked off the game's main path. I just hope that Ubisoft has improved its ability to tie all of its studios' contributions into a coherent, well-rounded game. That's a job for the creative director and the producers, I guess.

Good luck, folks!


    I just find it interesting.

    Until you finish the game and sit through over 30 minutes of credits...

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      this so much this, how ever AC2 had my favorite credits sequence of all time

        Was that the one when you got to actually play during the credits? That one was good. I was happy to sit through those credits.

    "French Revolution setting as strong as American Revolution"

    Uh, the first has The Terror, storming of the Bastille and cutting off the royal family's heads.

    The other is ACIII.

    Be careful of your selling points, Ubisoft...

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