Think Twice Before Pirating Watch Dogs

Playing Watch Dogs for free might have certain consequences. It looks like the person responsible for cracking the game and making it available through online torrents is also a Bitcoin miner — and your computer is doing the work.

Over at Gizmodo, there's a story about a virus that disguises itself as a Windows process, and can use up to 25% of your CPU cycles to swing the virtual pickaxe for someone else's profit. Turns out you'll be paying for Watch Dogs after all.


    Is that "someone else" Ubisoft? sounds like a brilliant marketing/'gotcha' scheme to me.

      Lol make em mine until they've paid off the game, sounds good actually.

      Maybe that's why it runs so inconsistently on PC: all of the bitcoin mining processes in the background!

    At least if you pirate it you can play the damn thing.

      But I can play it without having any issue :(

    I love the irony to this.

    Get hacked game about being a hacker, get hacked IRL :D

    (i know bit mining isnt really hacking but for the joke to work ignore that)

      Let's go deeper.
      What if the person who cracked it, didn't know that someone else piggy backed their malware onto his crack?

      Then you would get hacked game about being a hacker, getting hacked by a hacker who hacked a hacker.

      (ditto re: joke)

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    Think twice before BUYING Watch_Dogs...
    I love it. I mean... I'm all in favour of those who wish to take the risk using piracy as a form of Australia-tax/whatever protest. Go nuts, pirates, yarrr, etc.

    Because oh my, however will Ubisoft cope with an underwhelming tech-savvy percentage of Aussie customers paying international prices instead of the Australia-taxed price?! I'm sure the execs are all panicking about this terrible form of 'giving ubisoft money' protest and find themselves FORCED to reduce Australian prices to international prices, in order to quell the threat of us... paying international prices.
    Riiiiight. Real incentive, there.

    So yeah. I'm all in favour of some market push-back that they'll actually consider as something worth adapting to (right now they've moved on to the,'complaining to Mum/Brandis' stage, but eventually I'm hoping they'll progress to, 'stop provoking the giant by being a dick to him').

    But that theory of might-makes-right market forces? It works both all ways.

    get the Reloaded Crack, it doesn't feature this

    I found this story pretty intriguing when i read it on Gizmodo the other day, deliciously ironic.. Only thing is this rumour is based off a post made on 4chan which video games news outlets have been posting almost verbatim. Not exactly a reputable source Jung.

    Who in the world that partakes in game piracy would even let said programs access the internet? I don't even let legitimate programs call home if they don't need to. So bitcoins going nowhere.

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