This Is Art In Grand Theft Auto V

Give me a pen and paper and I probably could draw to the level that Schoolboy129 can shooting bullets into a wall using a controller in bloody Grand Theft Auto V. I can't decide if I'm amazed at this art, or sorely disappointed in my own apparent lack of artistic skills.

Regardless, this is pretty awesome and innovative. I think I may have tried the same trick in Goldeneye as a teenager. Of course my first instinct was to try and draw a penis using bullet holes. Of course I thought this was hilarious. Of course I failed miserably.

You can check out more of this art here.

Via Reddit


    Is there video of this being done? I have some doubts as to whether bullet holes would last that long in the game

    I thought there was a decal limit? I mean, since this is done in GTAV (only on consoles), I didn't think one could create this many bulletholes without the initial holes disappearing on you. Most games are pretty blunt with their decal limits; shows how much I know about GTA V :P

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