This Is What It Means To Go Insane Playing A Video Game

Over the weekend I had two gaming goals. Finish Dark Souls II and finish Trials Fusion. Lofty goals. Unbeknownst to me, as I was just about to finish the final obstacle on the final track of Trials Fusion, Kotaku Tech Man Ben White began filming me on his mobile phone. This is an insight into many things: my mental fortitude, the craziness that can occur in my home, and how bloody difficult Trials Fusion is. If you ever wanted to watch a man teeter precariously on the edge of a mental breakdown, this is the video for you.

Just a little background...

On Saturday, I had a bunch of my family over for lunch. This means:

— Three kids aged three or under making a buttload of noise. — Loads of people watching me and wanting me to stop playing this stupid game. — My wife thinking it's 'hilarious' to totally give me crap through the whole thing! (She's the one constantly telling me how much I suck. That's love people.)

Some more background: this track is bloody tough. I've restarted it a bunch of times. This was the first time I had gotten to the last obstacle and the pressure was on, to the point where I actually paused the game and tried to gather myself, as you'll see in the video.

Ben, my work mate and brother in-law (it's a long story) is the only one who understands. I honestly had no idea he was filming this until after the fact. Neither did my wife: this is just the kind of heckling I have to deal with when I'm playing games at home! Ben just thought it was hilarious that I was trying to do this extremely difficult thing, that required pitch perfect precision, with kids and family going crazy in the background.

If you watch closely, you can pinpoint the precise moment when my heart shatters into a million tiny fragments.


    Mrs. Serrels' is just making you try harder, man. She's building your resilience in the face of adversity. :P Also? More video content, more of the time!

    Your apartment has nice floors, btw. :P

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      Bamboo baby. It's so good!

        Very nice, can you hear someone walking through the house if they wear any type of shoe with a heel on it?

    I know that horse neigh. I have the same toy in my house (Playskool farmhouse, I believe?)
    That horse neigh will forever haunt my dreams. It distracts me when I play turn based RPGs.
    I have no idea HOW you can do it with something like Trials.

      Did you watch the video. Apparently you can't ;)

        Now the Singtaku descent into madness videos make a whole lot more sense.

      I also heard that horse noise in the background, but ours is a pegasus carriage thing that annoys the crap out of me whenever my daughter turns it on! I think that thing is cursed and you will never finish Trials because of it, Serrels.

    Ben, my work mate and brother in-law (it’s a long story)

    Worked with a person who married your sister.

    Long story.

      I choose to believe two people merged into one after a Star Trek-esque transporter accident and slowly but surely Mark's come to accept that his work pal and brother-in-law are now one in the same!

      Their wives are sisters, as far as I recall.

    Haha! Look at that guy! He looks so stupid! Now to read the article...
    ...oh, crap.

    If you watch closely, you can pinpoint the precise moment when my heart shatters into a million tiny fragments.

    Does getting heckled also apply to Dark Souls bosses? Considering you can't pause that game, I remember my playthrough being littered with horrible interruptions.

    That's not insanity. Nowhere near enough hysterical tears or gibbering.

    Oh man, you have some ninja focus Mark. I would've been like "fuck this" about a minute in.

    Nice place, looks batshit crazy though.

    First of all, you've made a slip in your opening sentence (two/to). I do it all the time because I don't proof...

    Second of all, a word of advice with trials. When on the last obstacle of inferno, don't miss the share button (PS4) and accidentally restart the track! Finally finished that level yesterday.

      Our CMS is going bonkers in the background so I had to write this up super quickly before it went down! Then it went down and I couldn't fix it! SO FRUSTRATING!

        That hurts, that hurts a lot. I see that it is fixed now, along with another I didn't pick on ;) Good entertaining article.

        Did you end up finishing inferno? I got through on about 28:30... The last obstacle is pretty hard, but just getting past the barrels to get to it.. cruel.

          I don't even think that last obstacle is the hardest one. It's up there, but not as bad as the barrels or the first obstacle for that matter...

            it's just the pressure is on with the last one. Barrels the hardest for sure.
            I worked out a pretty good method for the first obstacle, but it took quite a while to get it sorted. would be a doozy if that obstacle was in the middle somewhere.

    Hahaha! That exhale towards the end. Allmyfeels.jpg

    Haha that was great! Although I do feel terrible for laughing :P.

    I was worried someone might accidentally turn off your Xbox :O, had a similar feeling on my first run through as my hands were sweaty and I was scared I was going to slip and accidentally hit the back/restart button. Luckily I didn't have FatShady's dot taunting me (yet) either cause that would've made it harder to complete :(

    You’re a good man Mark.

    In all seriousness, this is the kind of thing that makes a lesser-man throw his controller across the room and directly at his wife.

    Yeah like I said last week, this track was responsible for me breaking my keyboard. The track was, not me.

      Just like it was Ducktale's fault I threw the controller when I was a kid!

      I wouldn't do such a thing! But wouldn't put it past Ducktales. :S

        At least back then controllers were all cabled so there was a range limit to your throw, with modern wireless controllers the only real range limit is determined by arm strength

    TV, meet controller. Controller, meet high speed.

    I commend you, coming from a guy who can't even beat the first hard tracks without several restarts I have no idea how hard inferno will be.

    One day I'll make it to day

    The controller goes down, and the hands go up behind your head as the pang of defeat takes hold.

    I could feel the stifled scream and the gritted teeth.

    I could feel the pain.

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    Today was a good day......... for today I got gold on Inferno IV. I also got a flat tyre, it rained on the washing, and I am missing my weekly sporting outing due to the wife working late..... But I don't care...... For I got gold on Inferno IV.

    That last obstacle sucks severely.... I had a great run going and got to that spot with 20 faults, only to have 31 faults on that spot. The run I finally got gold I got there with 35 faults and got through with only 3 more.... watching fatshady's vid's for that area was priceless

    God, if this was an actual reality TV show, I'd watch it. Those moments in gaming where everything just breaks, including the person playing it.

    Serrels and Trials above.
    A friend dying on his Hardcore Diablo III character, when Diablo himself had a sliver of health left.
    Me losing realm first 525 Mining by mere seconds in WoW Cataclysm.
    The look on Justin Wong's face when Daigo delivered Evo Moment 37 upon him.

    It would be glorious to witness.

    This just makes me grab my balls with pride and gently whisper "you did good... not yet ...".

    Looks like my house. But replace Trials with Spelunky and a three year old demanding to play "mariogamemariogamemariogameIWANTACUPCAKE"

    I cannot watch this without feeling like that dog pic on your cushion on your black chair in the corner is staring at me, idk why. Just watch the whole video while looking just at that cushion then tell me it's not creepy o_O

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