This Street Fighter Live Action Thing Might Actually Be Good!

Yep, I am as surprised as you. When someone mentions Street Fighter and Live Action in the same sentence, I tend to just roll my eyes. But this trailer has won me over.

Sure it's corny, sure it makes zero sense, but that's the source material people! I'm still going to watch this. I will cringe through certain parts, sure, but I will watch and I will enjoy it despite myself. I know it.

We've covered Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist before, but this is a brand new trailer to help bring in the final release. The 12 part live action series is set for release 23 May.

I'm looking forward to it.


    EXTREMELY disappointed that there was no "E" at the start of that Honda mention at the beginning. :(

    It does look cool, but ken's hair just looks silly :/

      Really? I thought it looked pretty good myself.

        I agree. Much better than Ken's hair in the VanDamme movie that's for sure!

          But Van Damme was playing Guile...?

            I'm aware of that. I simply used VanDamme to reference the movie as most people would know which movie that refers to. On the subject of hair again though, it was disappointing that they didn't even attempt to make VanDamme's hair look like Guile's. I mean.. that hair is what makes him so instantly recognizable as a character!

              Yea the Guile hair thing was definitely a missed opportunity, so was the fact that they cast a Frenchman in the role of a red blooded American army guy. I don't get it. Even Dolph Lundgren would have been better and he's a damn Swede!

                haha so true. The only character I felt was well portrayed in that movie, was Zangief. At least he looked like what you'd expect to see. E.Honda on the other hand... not even japanese.. wtf?!

        It looks like a really bad wig, in one shot it looks like it's a parody!

          Surf's up dude!

      That's how his hair looks in Street Fighter Alpha, so it looks okay to me.

        I know it's supposed to be like the Alpha series, my point is that the wig looks bad.

    Looks great to me, they're using actual Shotokan fighting for Ryu and Ken which is great. Akuma looks very cool too from what I can see, really digging it. I've heard people complain 'It's not Ansatsuken style'. Just to clear it up, Ansatsuken can actually be *any* style, it's merely if that style is applied to an assassination technique, if it is adjusted with the purpose to kill. Shotokan, Kyokoshin, Goju etc originally were defensive techniques, if you adjust it to be offensive with the intent to kill, you now practice 'Ansatsuken Shotokan' for instance.

      It certainly has more potential than any other live action iteration I've seen. At least they haven't tried to provide realistic alternatives to the special moves. I think that's what disappointed me more than anything in the VanDamme movie, is that their special moves were just booooooring. Street Fighter isn't meant to be realistic. It's a fantasy fighting game. If you're gonna make a movie about something like that, stay true to the source or GTFO.

    This could trump Mortal Kombat Legacy in terms of game accuracy, fight choreography and acting.

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