Three Minutes Of New Gameplay From The Order: 1886

Sony just streamed a short preview of their upcoming steampunk shooter on Twitch. It sure looks impressive.

In the clip above, you'll get a sense of how some of the game's weapons and environments look, as well as a taste of an early gunfight. The Order: 1866 is scheduled to hit PS4 later this year.


    Goddamn it looks beautiful but that UI/font still irks me. Looking forward to playing this though!

    Thats some real pretty visuals on some pretty generic 3rd person shootering.

    Mashup of Gears of War and Victorian England. Could be good (but feels generic).

    Looks very nice, though the frame rate seems low (which is probably just the stream).

    Looks like gameplay in line with every console FPS/TPS. People will probably lap this up.

      The game runs at 30fps though, so whilst the stream is likely responsible for how it appears, that's not exactly smooth. I mean, it's certainly playable, but hopefully it doesn't feel too jarring or sluggish.

      Turned out to be a pretty disappointing glimpse seeing as it was only a stream of 3 minutes showing your typical cover-based shooter mechanics... Would wait to get a proper good look before making any major judgments though, as the Victorian theme is definitely a step in the right direction.

      Last edited 25/05/14 7:29 pm

    I hope there's more to it than shooting the same enemy from behind cover. This is the next gen, don't bring us the same games we've been playing for the last 8 years on the last gen

    Yea looks like a generic shooter so far. But I like how the explosion animations looks more like steel mill blast furnaces rather than your usual explosions. Steampunkish goodness

    Hoping this will be stella though like everything these days, I'm keeping my expectations low.

    I dunno about the kickback on some of the weapons, but that's some of the worst aiming I've ever seen on a gameplay demo...

    gun sounds need some diversity, and to be affected by the environment and direction. Gets repetitive real fast.

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