Tony Hawk Has A Favourite Tony Hawk Game

Today Tony Hawk took part in a Reddit Ask Me Anything. Today I learned a lot of things. I learned that Tony Hawk totally plays as himself in his games. I learned that Tony Hawk game Skate a try, but didn't play it much. I also learned that Tony Hawk has a favourite.

And that favourite is Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.

"[M]y favorite is THPS2 because it put skateboarding on the map as a videogame genre," he said, "and many people have said it is the reason they started skating at all."

Personally, I've always thought Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 was the best of the bunch, mainly because it added the ability to revert and link tricks, but who am I to question the great Tony Hawk.

As we all know — to our great disappointment — the next Tony Hawk game is appearing on mobile devices only, but as for another console based Tony Hawk's Pro Skater...

"There is a CHANCE of something in the future for newer consoles," he wrote. "In the meanwhile, we are releasing TH Shred Sessions for mobile devices (iOS, Android, tablets) soon-ish. I'm going rogue with information at this point so I better shut up now."

So you're saying there's a chance, Tony? You're saying there's a chance?


    The problem is that people don't want a new Tony Hawk game, they just want Tony Hawk 3 again.

      Nah man, THPS 2, which was sorta brought back with the HD remake.

        Tho nobody seemed happy with the HD remake, like it was a soulless husk of a game masquarading as Tony Hawk.

          I dunno a lot of my mates enjoyed it. I did too, the DLC that let you play as James or Robert from Metallica was awesome :P

      Yes, I'll agree with you and the author that THPS3 was the best. I had played the previous two on the PSX but 3 was where it really played well thanks to the better hardware and controls. The old ones simply felt clunky after that since it was so smooth on PS3.

      I never really got into 4 or beyond really, so it was the last of the THPS games that I was obsessed with - the revert linking in halfpipes was craaazy. I also think it was the first to introduce some fun little gimmicks like the Bam Margera trolley level as well, which helped mix things up a bit.

      And last but not least - that KILLER SOUNDTRACK!

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        it's all about the soundtrack. Can you even buy the soundtrack? They should just release the soundtrack.

    I can crack my thumbs just by moving them all because of Tony Hawk 2.



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    Yeah that was the one I got right into. Me and Tony, we so alike *wipes chip crumbs off keyboard*

    THPS 2 was the one that got me into Tony Hawk videogames. Underground is where my interest in Tony Hawk video games ended - in my opinion it was the last of the great Tony Hawks. My ankles looking like roast beef is why I quit skateboarding in RL.

    I bought Project 8 preowned for like ... $9 or something stupid a couple of years ago. It wasn't very good.

    On a similar topic - did anybody play the wakeboarding version of Tony Hawks? Wakeboarding Unleashed with Shaun Murray? That game was excellent. Kelly Slater Pro Surfer is also a massive favourite and I WISH they remade that in HD - though they likely never will.

      Loved the original Tony Hawk game and then 2 and 3 were good but didn't really offer much of a change..... beyond that I lost interest. Never really got into Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX but I did like Shaun Murray's Wakeboarding.

      I remember Kelly Slater loved that game never played the wake boarding one though... TBH i still love the way they did the water in Kelly Slater though not sure why.....

      On THPS i loved the original i remember hitting up every video store in Launceston trying to rent it out one night and the only place that had it was charging $50 or some ridiculous price to rent it so my parents just took me straight to a retail outlet (Kmart i think) to buy it.... The memories we must all have of the orignal THPS.....

      I also remember the only reason i got THUG was because of the cam it came with to upload your face into the game needless to say i was not happy when i realised it required Internet and my parents refused to let me move the ps2 out to the lounge so i could do it.

        How inconsiderate of them. All you wanted was your face on Chad Muskas body and there they are holding you back.

        Totally agree re: Kelly Slaters water effects. I'm sure they have aged terribly but in my mind they were so awesome. I remember putting in my disc about six months after finishing it for the hundreth time and it being scratched beyond repair... gutted ... that weekend I wandered into the local EB and saw it on the preowned shelf. I was elated. Walked up to the counter - the guy goes 'Mate, if that disc worked I would have taken it myself'.

          Yeah i know right.

          One thing i did love about Kelly Slaters game was the video's they did after each level the sheer insanity of seeing him in Antarctica was crazy (i know i could see them on youtube now but not the same to me).... Talking about it makes me want to go and track down an emulator and rom of it.

      Yep, those 2 and dave mirra bmx as well... great times.
      I also loved the heck out of the skate series... when I turned back to TH after Skate it felt pretty crummy.


        I never played the Skate games - which I look at as a massive miss on my part. I did however play Matt Hoffman Pro BMX (1 or 2 I can't remember) which was nowhere NEAR as good as the wakeboarding one ... which I thought was pretty wierd seeing as BMX at the time at least was clearly the more popular sport and Hoffman the bigger name.

          Oh yeah I remember the hoff as well now !
          I preferred the dave mirra ones over hoffman but I finished them all (chipped ps1). There was a couple other skating games which were sucky as well but I still played them.

          Actually another good one was "thrasher: skate and destroy". It was a weird system to do moves which felt crummy at first, but when you landed those tech moves you felt invincible.

            Never played Thrasher but always heard the argument that it was better than THPS. Not unlike Transworld Surf being better than Kelly Slaters.

              Nah definitely not better... THPS 1/2/3 were THE pinnacle and thrasher was like "oh this is fun and actually has some depth".

              I just googled it and the other one I played was "Street skater".... even at the time I knew it was pretty crud but I still finished it haha.

    He would've said SKATE 2 but he still needs to protect his brand ;)

    THPS2 was the first Tony Hawk game I bought... for the Gameboy Advance. Was still pretty good.

    Then I got THPS3 on PSOne. Loved it. Never bought another one though, they all felt like pretty much the same game.

    THPS3 for me, though my Brother and I played a lot of 2...and 3... and 4... and underground... and underground 2 despite neither of us ever owning a skateboard. I even got HD for PS3, which was cool.

    I'd love a new one with the classic mechanics, even new levels for HD, but I don't think it sold well enough and the lack of splitscreen sucked.

    I played THPS2 soooo much on the PS2 until my brother traded it in with all my other games for one of the AFL games. Thank god for PC emulation is all I can say!

      Next time you see your brother tell him some random guy off the internet called him a jerk for doing that ;)

    loved 1, loved 2, hated everything after that

    I have a soft spot for both THPS2 and 3. 2 was all kinds of awesome in many ways, but the addition of revert in 3 was just pure magic too!

    THPS2 is why I love Tony Hawk, so many hours of my original PS were used playing THPS2!

    Although I loved SKATE and it was a very welcome move from the TH series, how come no one has put out there Skate or Die! What a legend of a game?

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