Transistor’s ‘Red’ And ‘the Kid’ From Bastion, Hand In Hand

Transistor’s ‘Red’ And ‘the Kid’ From Bastion, Hand In Hand

Dayshot: Jen Zee, the art director of Supergiant Games, celebrated the launch of their second game, Transistor with this adorable piece, where the main characters from the two games join forces.

Transistor… Hasshin! [JenZee, DeviantART]

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  • Nice.

    Transistor is really good, but I’ve got to say I still prefer Bastion. Transistor’s Art Style is excellent in evoking mood, but the blurriness and the softened, merging colours make the environments look a bit indistinct and a little samey. Bastion’s locations are distinct and memorable, but Transistor’s feels like one…. well… samey city. Which may have been the point.

    Anyway, both are great games and Jen Zee is a very talented artist.

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