Two Gamers Are Going To Jail For Stealing $6000 In Virtual Items

Two Gamers Are Going To Jail For Stealing $6000 In Virtual Items

Stealing is bad. Stealing items in online games is also bad, and usually there’s not much that can be done to combat it — so it’s super good news that two Chinese internet thieves have been sentenced to prison terms. According to a report released today, in early April, two men were each sentenced to two years in prison as well as various monetary fines for the crime of cybertheft.

The duo, both from China’s Sichuan province, are supposedly both avid gamers with a penchant for the Nexon-made multiplayer beat’em up called Dungeon Fighter Online. Both men were jobless and spent their time playing DNF. They eventually figured out that they could make money by selling in-game equipment for real cash.

It’s not exactly clear how it happened, but in March 2013 the duo came into contact with a certain Mr Ma. They sussed out Ma’s information and his login information for DNF. The duo cleaned Ma’s virtual accounts, making off with about $US6405!

Within a month, the duo were apprehended by the police. A year later, they’re now facing jail time. No word on whether Ma will be gaining any restitution but hey, the thought of the guys who took his stuff will be in jail should be good enough.

盗卖游戏装备获利4万多 “网络神偷”被判刑 [Sina Games]

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  • Dear Blizzard
    Please take an example on this and get to work. There are a lot of keylogging people out there in need for some prison shower time.
    a WoW player.

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