User-Made Trials Fusion Track Is A Day-Glo Retro Dreamworld

User-Made Trials Fusion Track is a Day-Glo Retro Dreamworld

This homage to video game classics of yore presents a pretty steep challenge to folks playing RedLynx's latest motocross stunt game. But it's damn pretty to look at least.

Created by user Bloddae, "World of Pixels" serves a good reminder that the Trials games are basically descendants of ExciteBike. The wealth of colours and technological advances have created possibilities that weren't possible back in the NES, but this game too is all about doing the kinds of things that would destroy actual motoriders.


    ExciteBike was fantastic, though I didn't really appreciate it at the time.
    I first started paying attention to this style of game with ElastoMania, and Trials simply polished the whole thing to astronomical levels.


    Actually, what the hell was Spongebob doing there!?

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