Watch A World Class Martial Artist Beat On The Developers Of Eve Online

If you've ever wanted to watch a real life martial artist beat up on game developers, then you've come to the right place!

Well, perhaps 'beat up' is a little bit strong, it's more like a series of friendly grappling contests, but this still ranks as one of the strangest things I've seen this week.

Some background: CCP, the developers behind the wildly successful money printer EVE Online, are based in Iceland and have actually sponsored Gunnar Nelson, a young, currently undefeated UFC fighter known for his prodigious Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills.

This year at CCP's annual fanfest event in Reykjavík, Gunnar Nelson agreed to appear and take on 10 developers from CCP in the cage, one after the other! It wasn't as violent an affair as you might expect (strikes weren't allowed, it was purely a grappling content) and some of the devs actually did fairly well against one of the greatest BJJ proponents in all of mixed martial arts.

The result? Well, he beats them all — obviously. But it's still fun to watch. Some of the EVE Online team have some grappling experience so it's a little more competitive than I thought it would be!


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