Watch Bruce Lee In Action In EA Sports UFC

Bruce Lee's inclusion in EA Sports UFC completely took me by surprise. In a good way. But I was openly wondering how he would fit into the game, what his moveset would look like, what weight class he would fight in, etc. This new gameplay video answers some of these questions but, more importantly, is just a great opportunity to watch Bruce Lee in motion in EA Sports UFC.

Looks like Bruce Lee will be able to fight in the Featherweight and Lightweight classes, based on who he was KTFO in the about above video (I think I spotted Cub Swanson, Joe Lauzon and Frankie Edgar who fight in those weight classes). I always imagined Bruce Lee would fight at 135 but that's just me nitpicking.

Bruce Lee is a pre-order exclusive, meaning that players have to pre-order the game to get access. Generally, I'm against pre-order DLC bonuses in all their forms. I understand the commercial reality of the situation but I'd rather games just give consumers the entire package no matter what. It sucks that some might miss out on Bruce Lee. Because he is shaping up to be pretty awesome in this game.

EDIT: My mistake. Bruce Lee is available to all players, regardless of the pre-order. The pre-order just allows you to play as Bruce Lee before finishing the game.


    Been getting into UFC lately and have plowed through ultimate fighter season 1/3/5 in the past fortnight, this game can't come soon enough !!!

      Those early seasons were great. I’m not ashamed to say that seasons 1 and 2 of TUF really got me on the MMA bandwagon.

      You’re missing out a bit though, there was some fantastic talent that came out of that show in the early years and a lot of them went on to be fixtures at the tops of their divisions. There’s only a handful of guys from the 1st few seasons still in the UFC and most of them are well and truly on the downward slide.

      99% of the guys post season 10 (and that’s actually a lot of seasons now) have been pretty poor standard. Don’t even get me started on the guys they send to Canada for TUF: Australia vs Canada!

        Yeah watching season one I was like "I know Forest Griffin will win".

        I watched UFC when it was in it's infancy but I think I'll go back and watch 1-40 for the randomness and then maybe checkout top 100 fights and then watch every 5 main events to catch up.... it's basically never ending at this stage haha.

        I was at the gym the other day and caught the Daron Cruickshank vs Erik Koch match from fight night 40... it's matches like that which keep me interested, great finish.

    It sucks because being 2014, I want to download this title on the Xbone.

    It’s the kind of game that I like having on the HDD because I’ll duck in for a quick fight or two if I’m bored and can’t work out what I want to play.
    Does anyone know if there’s any way I can pre-order the game AND download it so I can play it discless?
    I really want Bruce Lee so I can murder him with Jose Aldo.

    I was thinking I might need to contact EA help or something, but they’re always busy fixing Battlefield issues!

      Preorder the Xbox One version from EB, get the code when you pick it up, and then return the game within the 7 days. Then buy it digitally and use your code.

      Takes a bit of effort, but it's a solution.

    I'm fairly sure Bruce Lee is available for everyone, same with Royce Gracie, but the pre order bonus is instant access, meaning you don't have to finish the career first.

    Holy crap, I'm not even into UFC and I want this!

    From what I've read you can play as Bruce Lee anywhere from the flyweight division (125 pounds) to Lightweight (155).

    Thats cheating tho, its like playing Muhammad Ali in fight night 3, its basically god mode.

    I'm pretty much buying a PS4 just for this game.

    So far no next gen exclusives have managed to sway me but this is the one to do it.

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