Watch Dogs, As Told By Steam Reviews

Watch Dogs, As Told By Steam Reviews

Even though Watch Dogs hasn’t been out for very long, many folks have taken to Steam to give everyone their two cents on the game. Many reviews are, admittedly, rather negative — that’s not too surprising, given the connectivity issues that Watch Dogs has experienced during launch.

There’s also the feeling that some people are disappointed after all the hype, which means that while there are some classic absurd Steam reviews, most of the top reviews aren’t so hot on the game.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Watch Dogs, As Told By Steam Reviews
Watch Dogs, As Told By Steam Reviews
Watch Dogs, As Told By Steam Reviews
Watch Dogs, As Told By Steam Reviews
Watch Dogs, As Told By Steam Reviews
Watch Dogs, As Told By Steam Reviews

Most of these reviewers, you’ll notice, haven’t spent too much time in the game. But those who have spent a considerable amount of time with the game aren’t very kind, either:

Watch Dogs, As Told By Steam Reviews
Watch Dogs, As Told By Steam Reviews

There are positive reviews, of course:

Watch Dogs, As Told By Steam Reviews
Watch Dogs, As Told By Steam Reviews
Watch Dogs, As Told By Steam Reviews

You can check out more Watch Dogs Steam reviews here.


  • I’m still at the early stages of the xboxone version of the game, so I haven’t made a call on it yet. But id have to say ive had no issues at all. Is it fair to assume the PC version is really buggy and annoying people?

  • TotalBiscuit provided the most rational review of the game. People claiming it doesn’t look like E3, well no Sh*t. Its a PC port by Ubisoft, their track record hasn’t been that great with PC and it is made with a controller in mind. Regardless from what I have seen on youtube I am actually excited, while I wasn’t before.

    • Wait… are you judging the reviews of others based on someone else’s review when you don’t have the game?

      • TotalBiscuit had a review copy and I might as well see the pros and cons to the game before I buy it. With all the doom and gloom that was being said over the last months, call me cautious but I wanted to hear if it was a fun game or not before sinking $60-$70 into a new IP.

        • Please get back to us once you’ve played it. I’ve got it, it’s a massive letdown of a game. Based on its own merits its ok but its nothing we havent seen before in other places, everywhere else, but thats its biggest problem, its *all* been done before… better.

          • Will do man, will do. Sorry to those that I must have frustrated but as someone who had no interest in the game prior (especially after all the news that came out) I can say that from what I have seen on youtube has piqued my interest and I will intend to purchase it. A lot of new ideas incorporated in the game that if a sequel is made will be comparable to AC2.

          • I bought it on ps4 and as a game taken on its own merits as I said, it’s acceptable and it’s not a *bad* game as per se, it’s just not:

            a. The game they advertised it as being
            and b. DEFINITELY not the game they advertised it as being

  • Im thinking of buying it next year some time. Maybe it will be on Playstation plus for free next year when they release watchdog:brotherhood??

  • Its a good game, all the haters should just go back to GTA since they say they love it so much.
    If they love GTA so much maybe they should marry it.

      • Surprised he didnt save himself some time and just say “I know GTA is, but what is watchdog?”

    • I no fan of GTA IV, (haven’t played 5) , but watchdogs is just boring.
      I didn’t buy into the hype, in fact I hardly knew much about the game at all, so it wasn’t that it was oversold for me.
      It is just really dull, and the driving is shitty. Randomly killing people that bug you in real life (street rappers 🙂 ) is fun for a little while, but the game wears thin after a couple of hours.
      My copy is on ebay now.

      • GTA 4 sucks, GTA 5 was pretty good and its worth a go even if you didn’t like GTA 4.

  • I am still waiting for uPlay to stay up long enough for me to download the game on my 256 KB/s connection to their servers. What would have been a set-and-forget overnight download on steam turned into a 3-day download marathon

  • The game should look like they promise.

    It is like me telling you I will run a marathon in under a certain time (E3 demo), asking for money beforehand (pre-orders) and constantly telling everyone how quick I will be (trailers).

    Then I don’t run it in under that time but you have already given me your money and I keep it.
    Is that right or fare?

    Shouldn’t game companies or anyone for that matter, be held accountable for their promises?

    • I guess you didn’t learn anything about game developers not developing from the Aliens: Colonial Marines debarkle.

      • I’m sorry but I don’t get what you are saying about developers not developing????
        I’m saying that people have a right to be upset, it doesn’t matter if Ubisoft is known for this or not.

  • The review about watching dogs make me snort. Pretty good.

    I’m super surprised no one mentioned Aiden Pearce’s horrible voice acting.

  • I was thinking about buying it, but all I see are cut-scenes, a guy blowing up stuff with his mobile, and more cut-scenes. There must be a reason why no ACTUAL game-play is shown… now we know.

  • I’m loving it after about 5 hours. I had immense issues with the first mission because I’m not usually a fan of open world driving games. I loved the challenge it gave me and don’t really think the driving is as bad as people are complaining about. I’m finding it quite responsive and straight forward.

    • I found it depends a lot on what car you are in, some are just reskinned shopping carts.

      • Which is 99% of them if they’re not a sports car, then if they are they’re shopping trolley’s with jet rockets on the rear..

  • Huge disappointment. Not money well spent I’m sad to say. Awful control mechanism, gimmicky ‘hacking’, lots of candy but no flavour.

    Might be fun for the console players, but could have been so so much more.

  • Ill just laugh at all the people playing Watchdogs while i sit here and play some more Skyrim.

  • PLayed the Xbox360 version for like 3-4 hours. Found its graphics well below GTA V and the constant load screens are a pain. The hacking and the shooting are good but the driving is a complete let down. Also the collisons with vehicles and other things just looks terrible. Really glad I only hired this game and didn’t buy it.

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