Watch Dogs Has Steam Gamers Barking Mad

Sometimes, I trust user reviews more than critic reviews. But when gamers are mad, they tend to reach for the 0/10 a little pre-emptively. They want their voice to be heard. And due to issues with Watch Dogs' PC version, it's getting a lot of good ol' fashioned internet rage on its Steam Community page.

Judging from the many, many, many negative user reviews on Steam, there appears to be problems with AMD cards, as well as general crashes, framerate drops, and other issues. Scrolling down the community page is an activity for the thick-skinned.

Such as falling through the floor...

Or skins changing colour...

Or entire cutscenes in which the man you're interrogating is invisible...

Plus, it always sucks getting stuck in level geometry...

There's no shortage of these...

A moment of silence for those who can't even start the game. Here's hoping you get some joy soon!


    As as Wii U owner I think I am suffering from Nintenfreude at the moment.

    This is why I don't pre order. I still have not been able to login to Ubisofts server for Trials Fusion. Glad I did not buy this game and taking up space on my PC.

    The game sucks IMO. The city appears to be alive but once you play you'll realise how dead it actually is. You can't interact with NPC's other than 'hacking' random citizens, if you so much as touch them they stop what they're doing and walk away 100% of the time. It's a bad version of GTA with 'press and hold x' to change traffic lights.

      I am not defending Ubisoft, I rid myself of the hype very early on so I was expecting it to be a new IP from Ubisoft complete with their usual problems......I wasn't let down.
      Play everything with a grain of salt really

      Obviously people will compare it to GTA, it's hard not to with any city sandbox game with cars. But it's very unfair when considering the sheer experience in the genre that they have. Rockstar could release a pile of steaming crap story wise and it will work simply because they have car physics and city design down pat. *cough* GTA4 *cough*

      I have experienced the city both dying in front of my eyes, which you are right, breaks immersion so quickly and highlights how false the world is, and also I have also seen heavy traffic and people doing all sorts of different things. Yoga, sign twirling, jogging etc
      It's very hit or miss in that aspect.

        I didnt hype myself up for this one either but I really did expect a little bit more. This game was also supposed to take advantage of ‘next gen’ consoles yet you’d be forgiven for thinking it came out in 2008.

        Heavy traffic and NPC’s doing all sorts of different things is great and all but when you cant interact with them and every single one is exactly the same it breaks the immersion and shows how little effort Ubisoft actually put in. I shouldnt walk into an alley filled with gangsters and watch them all flee because my coat brushed up against one of them. I shouldn't scan 20 different people on the street and see the same face on half of them.

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          why compare it to GTA V then? no wonder you are disappointed maybe focus on what it does right than what you think it fails to be... want GTA V go play it, simple. They arent trying to be the same game. Comparing this to Mafia makes way more sense. Which were great games as long as you dont expect the complexity of GTA.

          Last edited 29/05/14 3:03 pm

          Like I said. Rockstar has had YEARS of experience in this field already, so of course when you compare the two Watch Dogs comes off second best.
          It's like comparing the tactical effectiveness of children playing war and Navy Seals.

          Doesn't look like a game from 2008 either. Textures are far ahead of GTA in terms of looks, they just lack the natural feel that Rockstar has had years to perfect.
          The water for one is fantastic! GTA5 had killed water in just about every game for me, I wondered if anyone would attempt anything better in the future and Watch Dogs didn't fall short (In that area at least lol)

          There are no "gansters" in Watch Dogs anyway, so not sure what you expected of those civilians in the ally to do. I would prob walk away too if a jacketed weirdo started coming toward us waving his phone. Dudes creepy and looks a hell of a lot like that "Vigilante" they keep showing on the news.

          You seem to be stuck on a game that you enjoyed and expect everyone else to suddenly reach their level with no experience.
          So yeah, for a GTA game, Watch Dogs sucks. Except it isn't a GTA game and never claimed to be.

          What? An open city, sandbox, interactive game is ALWAYS going to be compared to GTA. The same way a racing game will always be compared to Forza/Gran Turismo/Need For Speed. Suggesting otherwise just sounds like you are covering for the fact that Watch Dogs simply has not lived up to the hype. Same as Titanfall. Everyone claimed they were going to be the love child of Jesus and Batman and when they came out...well they were average attempts at their genre.

      Interesting you say that, because I hate the GTA games but I'm really enjoying Watch Dogs.

      GTA to me feels like "Street punk becomes crime lord. Rinse, repeat" over and over, with boring missions and a story I don't care about at all. Without fail, I've gotten bored and just ended up BASE jumping or seeing how many people I can kill before I get taken down. It just doesn't hold my interest.

      Watch Dogs, while perhaps not the best-written story I've ever seen, has kept my attention because there are things to do that I find interesting. Granted, that's just one man's opinion… but opinions are also like orgasms: At the end of the day, only mine matters.

      Everything you said is true, just not sure how much that causes a game to "suck". Are people even able to think clearly at all anymore? It's almost as if people think they're the only ones who noticed a problem and stronger critique gives you more credibility or something... High expectations not being met does not cause a game to "suck". It has flaws and is completely soulless but the gunplay is fine. There is a nice, if small, skill tree. Huge amounts of effort have obviously gone into the representation of the world, my only complaint is the lack of participation in the world. It sucks about as much as Assassin's Creed did. Has some awesome ideas that need to be framed in the context of something more meaningful and compelling, a sequel would likely fix all of these particular issues. It did with AC2.

      I never had high expectations for the game but even when those weren't met, I never thought of getting angry at the game or asserting that it sucks when it's perfectly competent in a number of areas.

      I'd give it 6.5/7 saying "nice try".

    Knew PS4 was the right choice for this game, TPS games are usually all consoles are good for anyway. Uplay PC is worse than origin for performance but i enjoy the loyalty rewards. Had a poor experience trying to play the latest splintercell with it. Shame that PS4 online play is actually hooked into ubisofts servers, been having outages now and then.

      I haven't had any trouble with the ubi se r vers through x1s live yet.. ive only played about4 hours though.

      I got it for PS4 too and have to agree.

      We might not get 60 frames per second (But then neither does PC atm lol) But even at full speed in a super car through the city I have yet to see frame rate drops.

      The only glitch I have seen so far (knock on wood) is the odd lighting glitch in a few of the shipping container hideouts. The odd shard of random light from nowhere, barely game

      Hope the PC version gets some fixes soon, wouldn't mind checking it out on ultra in a year or so

    It wasn't until my roommate mentioned he couldn't believe how broken the game was while watching me play did I realise I actually expected it to be broken.. EA & Ubisoft have actually screwed me so many times that my expectations are so low even when releasing a broken game I didn't even think it amiss.

    I've had one noticeable glitch and that's been it.

    I am curious how many people are having no issues compared to the very loud ones that are. Am I a minority or majority?

      nope, Its running perfect and beautiful on my machine and having a blast

      haters gonna hate

      Poor performance here, but no glitches. In fact, I don't know anyone who has experienced glitches, the videos above are the first I've heard of it. The guy in the first video was using a copy of the game he somehow managed to get out of uPlay before it was released and may have been corrupt. Seems to be the same for the first Russian video.

      Nothing. It's hard to consider things like getting stuck in stairs because you tried to drive a truck up them a glitch, which is what it seems most people are calling "glitches".

      I've only played about an hour or 2 but I have no glitches or bugs and it runs great.
      Haven't really gotten into it as much as I'd like but I'm still getting used to the controls and how things work.

      I wonder how much of this "broken pile of crap" can be blamed on the lackluster "next gen" hardware and problems with developing for a brand new generation of consoles.

      I'm starting to the Rockstar made the right choice by sticking to last gen. No excuse for lack of a PC release but still.

      And finally, show me a single game that doesn't have occasional "fall through the world" bugs or texture glitches and I'll show you a liar.
      GTA5 had heaps of bugs, performance issues and don't get me started on the "online" multiplayer and yet Rockstar got off pretty lightly when it came to internet hate.

      Mine ran absolutely perfectly start to finish with no bugs but I just assumed that was because I had the seven seas edition and not the uPlay edition.

      No glitches at all yet, about 8 hours in. I've had a few crashes but thats due to my computer running out of ram.

    I suppose the question is "Is the game bad or is it just not what the hype train made it out to be and otherwise ok"
    The impression I get is that it is sort of assassins creed with a dose of gta in the mix. Is this about accurate?

      A very dull and mediocre mix of AC and GTA.

        What I will never understand is why people were expecting anything else - it looked like that from the very first trailer.

          Totally did. I kinda like both franchises though and while I didn't buy into the hype, i'm still reasonably into it. Not the game of the year but when someone tells me it's going to be GOTY a whole year from release, my expectations immediately go down anyway. I'm not sure why or even how people can buy into advertising so deeply.

      I think quite a lot of it is the hype train going a little too fast and getting disappointed.

      Having said that, I'm having a blast with it.

    And 99% of those steam reviewers are butthurt at having to use Uplay. For me personally i cannot see the issue with Uplay, on my PC it loads faster, downloads are faster and even uses less system resources than Steam.

    Yeah, the game itself is a little underwhelming, The city is a little dull, car handling is woeful though. Graphics isn't that bad, on par with todays games, but saying that, im having fun with the game.

      Can I ask what connection your on?

        It is supposed to be ADSL2+. I had a Watch Dogs update which downloaded at a speed of 1.3mb/s with Uplay for over 30 seconds (40mb update) but with steam downloads very rarely reach over 800kbps and thats with choosing a local server.

        Which raises the question is Steam truly a better platform or is it because it's been around for so long it's become the norm?

          I've got a 12mbps on a good day, connection and steam will max it out at 1-1.2 meg/s, maybe it's the steam server or something or more to do with your connection, I've only heard an odd complaint or two about steam speeds and changing servers fixed them.
          And the steam platform is shut. Its slow and badly laid out, but there business model is exceptional.

          Last edited 29/05/14 5:38 pm

            I have played around with different servers based in Australia and all seem to be around the same speed of 600 - 800kbps, that said i might have been lucky with Uplay.

            I did a quick speed test and got a max speed of 7.57Mbps down and a atrocious 0.55Mbps up.

              7.5mbps for 800k seems about right.
              Whether Ubisoft has an above average local sever near you.

              It could be like Origin and completely make the numbers up.

              Origin reckons sometimes I am downloading at like 4x my total download rate.

    For god's sake people - THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULDN'T PREORDER. Not only does it promote sh*tty business practices like retailer and preorder exclusives, you may get suckered into buying a game that is hampered by bugs - or worse still, a thoroughly uninteresting game that's just been hyped to buggery (I'm not saying Watch Dogs is necessarily, but it could have turned out to be). I have no doubt that Ubisoft will fix the issues that people are having, but that doesn't excuse them shipping the game in this state and then expecting the players to debug it for them.

      I haven't had a game that I've pre-ordered that I have felt ripped off on. I've enjoyed every single one of them. If I'm only paying $80-$100 for a game, and I've gotten a number of hours out of it, it's a good investment.

      Watch Dogs is a great example of good pre-order packages - I've got a figure (Deadsec) that looks great in my cabinet with all the other anime/game figures PLUS a game, for less than the figure would cost if made by someone like Good Smile Company.

      Last edited 29/05/14 2:38 pm

      Watch Dogs is the first game I've preordered in a long, long time. The only reason I did is because it was only $45 for the digital deluxe version, and I broke my rule for that. That said, I don't regret it. It's not a 10/10, but no game ever has been (or will be, in my opinion), and I'm enjoying it quite a lot. Moreso than any other AAA title of the last few years, certainly.

      Last edited 29/05/14 2:57 pm

      its not hampered with bugs, people have issues. The only problem these game has is that it pissed people off when it got delayed, then people complained because the graphics didnt match something that was made two years.

      "you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain" that quote perfectly sums up this game sadly. The stupid mob has spoken it doesnt matter if its true or hyperbole.

    This is why i don't game on PC anymore, encountered too many bugs and crashes in my time... shame to hear... but apparently the game sucks so im sure people aren't missing much

    they are bloody ridiculous and anyone who believes deserves not to buy the game, every open world game has issues at launch. If i read this reviews before i played I would have thought it was unplayable but far from it on my computer. I am not saying people dont have issues but compared to this reviews phhhft. People need to get a life.

    If you buy a game at launch these days you pretty much get the Beta version

    Have not had a single issue with this game and according to steam i have logged 16 hours on it already, on PC. Have no idea what all the fuss is about to be honest, while i understand that some people have legitimate issues with the game (crashes, lack of certified AMD drivers etc...), reviews that call it a 2/10 game because they get stuck sometimes in some level geometry in a open world game? Really? People expect to not to get stuck at least once in a open world game is simply baffling as i can guarantee that even if developers spent 15 years polishing a game, someone, somewhere will get stuck at least once somewhere in an open world game.

      How do they handle getting stuck thougj? Games like half life would put you automatically in the nearest open area, some games never notice and you have to exit and games like postal 2 almost seem like they put you in a random location.

      Did you, uh... watch ANY of those videos? That collection of missing characters, invisible characters, skin-swaps/fails, falling-through-the-world, and more is pretty damning. That's a LOT of dropped balls. Even the first minute of the first video makes me leery of touching the thing, but with the others? It's pretty horrific, not easily handwaved by, "Open world, jeez, whaddya expect?"

    Playing on the Xbone, haven't encountered a single issue whatsoever. We'll, aside from the fact that the game is good but not great.


    That what PC gamers get for thinking they are better. I can put a disc in my Ps4 and it has NEVER failed to load. Good thing about consoles, I dont have to check whether everything needs to be update to date. Oh! And I AM LOVING THIS GAME !

    Last edited 29/05/14 4:07 pm

    No glitches, bugs or FPS lower than 70 FPS. It's a pity the game is lacking. It has Ginger syndrome - No Soul.

    Game is awesome. Running sweet on Ultra with updated AMD drivers on my Sapphire Tri-X R9-290.
    Looks great. Awesome story (better than GTA).

    No Glitches here. Just get your pc updgraded with the proper drivers for your cards and will be MUCH better than One and PS4.

    So freaking sick of the main "problem" being that it's one button to hack. THE F***ING E3 DEMO SHOWED ONE BUTTON AS WELL. You're all a little too spoilt and a little too pretentious. I stopped reading user reviews when they give a ZERO for a game that easily outshines some of the "Indie" pieces of garbage that flood greenlight every day that are getting "MUST PLAY" stapled to it. Is it really the worst game you ever played? Really? I dare you to tell me it's more broken that BF4, COD or NFS.

    My personal review

    I can use extreme numbers too.

    I don't see why everyone is having such problems =/
    I'm playing on an AMD card and it's run flawlessly, only had one or two glitches, nothing major.
    So far I'm really enjoying. it doesn't quite have the attention to detail that GTAV has, but I didn't expect it to and I'm still having a killer time with that.

    The game is even worse on PS3, I just rented this pile of garbage and the driving feels boring. Why even put driving in the game when it is this bad. It feels like I am moving a brick around on a stones board. The damage model on cars is also bad. The cover system kinda hard to get used to and the running is weird. All in all this game sucks. ANd the actual story is boring. I cannot for life of me relate to him that his neice died. Ok I maybe could relate if it was his wife, but a neice, ok I would grieve for a little while, but its just a neice I have many. ;)

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