Watch Dogs Is Full Of Memes

Watch Dogs Is Full Of Memes
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If you’ve ever picked up a new video game and thought “Gee, I wish this had a bunch of terrible internet humour,” this one’s for you. Watch Dogs, the open-world hacking extravaganza released today by Ubisoft for current-gen and last-gen consoles (except Wii U), is packed with the web in-jokes we’ve all grown to love and cherish, like “Dat Arse” and “All Your Base Are Belong To Us.” Top-notch stuff.

See, when you hack billboards in the game, their contents will be replaced by developer-written custom messages. This being 2002, those custom messages are all memes. One Redditor put together a compilation:



  • haha, will have to try this later…

    On the whole, Watch Dogs has been not up to expectations for me. Still pretty fun, but not as great as promised…

    • I played for an hour last night and just went back to my base and quit the game. Was completing all the side mission stuff and I have 10k money already lol. essentially it is like modern assassins creed so don’t expect too much ground breaking stuff. I like the CCTV jump.

  • “Gee, I wish this had a bunch of terrible internet humour. Top-notch stuff.”

    I wonder, is it lonely up there on your high-horse?

    • It’s a shitty horse he has.
      “Dat Arse” Wut… ? Completely ruins it. Has to be “Dat Ass”

    • But it is terrible mass produced humour.
      “Can i haz cheezburger”

  • played for a few frustrating hours last night. still getting used to the gameplay. Not a fan of the police chases or car handling at all so far. the hacking sign has been fun to look at though.

    • Same. Having a decent amount of fun, it’s just when you get in a car… Seriously came close to turning it off and calling it a night.

  • Haha that’s really cool. Played an hour last night. Not much you can do in an hour. Still learning ans trying to see how things work together. Too much info on screen at times. Gets all cluttered up and then there’s audio starts playing so you have to keep shifting your attention all over the place and easily miss things.

    • After an hour or two I really started to like the decision to put that much info on screen. You’re playing a hacker who lives in an interconnected world of information, and as I started to learn how to cope with the information overload coming at me, it felt really cool.

  • I never really saw anything that hyped me up for this game. Everyone was going crazy about it and I’m just sitting here re-playing Skyrim, though these Billboards are pretty funny 🙂

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