Watch People Get Freaked Out By The Evil Within

Watch People Get Freaked Out by The Evil Within

This is what survival horror is supposed to do: scare the heck out of you.

It's not just Kotaku's Tina Amini who was profoundly disturbed by The Evil Within. Bethesda put a bunch of non-industry folks in front of the upcoming Shinji Mikami game and recorded their reactions to the gory proceedings. Their jumps and freakout faces are funny to see. But, as for info as to what they're reacting to, that will have to wait when the game comes out.


    These types of videos always seem so fake to me. I can't take them seriously.

      A video produced by the publishers showing completely unrealistic and over-the-top reactions with the intent of selling more product seems fake to you?

      You're jaded man.

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