Watch The New World Record For Beating Halo On Legendary

As of a few days ago, the fastest anyone has beat the original Halo: Combat Evolved is in one hour and 38 minutes — it's a new world record held by Andrew "goatrope" Halabourda, and you can watch him nail it here.

To be exact, the run takes 1:38:57. The previous world record for this run was at 1:41:15, and it was also held by Halabourda. This new run shaves a few minutes off — it might not seem like much, but sometimes that makes all the difference in a speedrun.

If you're curious about his technique, Halabourda has written something on glitches that affect routes, as well as something on when combat in the game affects his time. It's fascinating to watch this knowledge come together in the actual run, as he knows exactly where enemies will be and how to get through them as fast as possible.

You can also check out other Halo franchise records here — this leaderboard includes legendary and easy runs. Alternatively, you can peruse world records for individual levels in the Halo franchise here.


    Geez, Halos been on brain a lot recently. Must be a coincidence that I started recording Halo 1 for a retrospective review on the weekend.

    I wonder if playing on PC makes a difference at all - specifically thinking of load times

      I know playing installed Anniversary edition loads levels in seconds.

    Got stuck watching 20min. He was so fast in so many small ways :\ I've never tried doing a speed run before, except for Diablo 2.

    "Halabourda has written something on glitches that affect routes,"

    Glitches, cheats, mods, exploits = not legitimate run.

    Reminds me that you announced the ET director is making a tv series for xbone, will it be on 7???

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