What We Can Learn From The First COD: Advanced Warfare Screens

What We Can Learn From The First COD: Advanced Warfare Screens

In the year 2054, a private military corporation (PMC) emerges with the power to rescue humanity from a war devastated by a global attack on its infrastructure. We’ve seen the Spacey trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfighter Warfare. Now let’s see what the first three screens can tell us.

Right off the bat, I’ve learned that I will never be able to look at the logo for PMC Atlas without wanting to change it to Atlus. Did you notice? Here’s the actual screenshot:

What We Can Learn From The First COD: Advanced Warfare Screens

And here’s a shot of Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow, the upcoming movie based off of Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s novel “All You Need Is Kill”.

What We Can Learn From The First COD: Advanced Warfare Screens

Advanced exoskeletons are the way of the future, ladies and gentlemen. The only point of contention is whether they should be worn with protective helmets or wool caps. Mind you, Advanced Warfare does take place in the year 2054, so there’s no telling what advances have been made in sheep technology. They probably wear exoskeletons as well.

What We Can Learn From The First COD: Advanced Warfare Screens

Form this image we can deduce that laser disc players make a massive comeback sometime in the next four decades. It also informs us, along with its two screenshot brothers, that Kevin Spacey isn’t on-screen during every single second of the game. That’s unfortunate.

At least the three screens also came with a quote from Mr. Spacey himself.

“It’s been a lot of fun working with the team to bring Jonathan Irons to life. The technology is truly remarkable and unlike anything I’ve done before. I’m excited to see where this goes.”

The game excites Kevin Spacey.

What We Can Learn From The First COD: Advanced Warfare Screens

This man could not afford a portable-ish laser disc player, and he’s taking it out on these Laserbeaks.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got, which is not unexpected. I put that “we” in the headline for a good reason. What are these three screenshots telling you?


  • “What are these three screenshots telling you?”

    I probably wont care about CoD until its Treyarchs turn.

    • Amazing how it turned on a dime hey? A few years back people didn’t care for Treyarch now they’re producing the best ones…

      • Yeah, it was never fair on Treyarch though. WAW was a really good game. It just lacked the freshness COD4 had with the modern setting. Every Treyarch game since has been better in MP at least than the preceding non Treyarch game.

        It’ll be curious though to see where this first entirely made by Sledgehammer game fits in. I don’t think it’s fair to judge them on MW3.

        • I hope this flips the COD concept on it’s head, I know it won’t but one can dream. I hope the story is good, I actually liked Ghosts storyline and hated the MP so fingers crossed sledgehammer smashes this one

          • Well we’ve left modern day behind and we’re now officially Future-COD, which can only bode well in a way, we’ll get more and more futuristic as time goes by. This to me means less constraints on ‘realism’ (I use that term lightly)…

          • The problem is the constant adding of gadgets and over complicating things.

            There’s already too much crap and as someone who doesn’t constantly play, I have no real idea about what all the stuff is. When you’re buying stuff with points, it’s also annoying due to buying something and then it’s totally shit.

  • I spent more time on WaW than any of the other CoD game so Ive always been a fan but I certainly cant argue with you on that. We can be a fickle lot cant we!

    *edit* This was supposed to be a reply to weresmurf………

    • I still maintain CoD 1, CoD UO and CoD 2 are the best CoD games out there.

        • 1 and 2 were fantastic, I don’t think I ever played multi-player on either of them but I still remember trying to run back into cover and getting shot by my Russian buddies! 4 was a brilliant game also, mostly for the multi-player. I bought MW2 but hated it and never touched another. Never liked anything by Treyarch..

  • Black ops, black ops 2 are the only good CoD games tried mw3 for few hours hated it, won’t play another till completely new game engine and something not in modern time

  • I am staying on the sideline after Ghosts, but I am cautiously optimistic that this may be an above average CoD game

  • Hey Titanfall had a hit with superhuman cyborgish pilots jumping everywhere… We should jump on that bandwagon to not come up with anything unique again for COD

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