Wedge Won't Be In The New Star Wars Movies

Wedge Won't Be In The New Star Wars Movies

Just because a bunch of original Star Wars actors are coming back for the new trilogy doesn't mean they all are.

British actor Denis Lawson, who played Rebel pilot Wedge Antilles ion Episodes IV-VI, was approached to appear in the new film but turned it down.

The Courier caught up with him on the red carpet for his latest film, and when asked if he was appearing replied "I'm not going to do that."

"They asked me but it just would have bored me."

Sounds insane, but he has a point. Despite Wedge's popularity in the Expanded Universe, he had a fairly minor role in the actual films. Lawson is still working in both TV and movies; going back to Star Wars might have been more trouble than it was worth.

They could just hire another actor to play Wedge if they really wanted the character back, but I mean, without the original actor - when the other old-timers are the same - that would be more than a little weird.

New Star Wars films 'would have bored me', says Scots actor Denis Lawson [The Courier, via Slashfilm]


    Didn't Wedge die?

    Yeah, I just found the clip.

      That's what I was thinking. Are we missing something?

      Or maybe he survives and goes to hang out with Boba Fett after he didn't die too.

        Actually I did look it up, I just wanted to be a smartass. It was actually Biggs who gets shot down.

          Shit dude! Spoilers!

            Darth Vader is Luke Skywalkers father.

              Things to do Before I Die:

              Fined true love (x)

              Eat a Grill'd burger in one bite ✓

              Watch the Star Wars Blueray collection (Notes: Can never watch it, Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker father)

                God I wish they'd release the non special editions on bluray :(

              To answer all of the questions so far, Wedge is the pilot who get's told to pull out because there's 'nothing more he can do back there' and he then apologises to Luke and leaves, he doesn't die.

              Wedge also flies the X-wing that follows the Millennium Falcon down in to the core of the second Death Star, so he's definitely not dead in the first film.

     shows Lando telling Wedge to go for the power regulator on the North tower. Wedge safely makes it out of the Death Star II before it explodes as well.

                "Pull out, Wedge. There's nothing more you can do back there."

                That's what she said!

          As an avid Xwing TMG player, Biggs deserves to die... FOREVER

            As an avid Warmachine player, the magehunters deserve to die... FOREVER.

              as an avid game of thrones watcher, Joffrey deserves to...

    Pretty disappointing really. His character is a massive fan favorite. Wedge is the only other character to have been in all three original trilogy films, isn't he? I mean, aside from Obi-wan, but I suspect Sir Alec would be extremely disappointed if we reanimated his corpse just so he could be in another Star Wars film (he hated those films).

    As the only person to ever fly against two Death Stars, Wedge Antilles is the coolest guy in the Star Wars universe.

    I'm pretty sure Wedge died when the Turks collapsed the Sector 7 upper plate.


      I was gonna link that, but linking to the moment doesn't really make as much sense, and showing the moment he falls off the support structure doesn't really kill. Also, the only video I could find had a stereotype nerd talking over it.

    I always liked the asian guy who understands how bad a tie swarm can get..

    "Theres too many of them!!"


    Still around in the EU and still kicking ass - probably one of the longest running non-Jedi characters going around (aside from Han & Lando)

    He also kamikaze'd a Super Star Destroyer into one of the 'Vong ships, that's pretty bad ass

    I wonder if Yoda and Vader will be in the new movies.

    PS. Spoiler tags don't work and ruined my joke. *frownie face*

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