Well, At Least The 2DS Continues To Look Nice

Well, At Least The 2DS Continues To Look Nice

As useless as the 2DS is for most people in most circumstances, you've got to hand it to Nintendo when it comes to the system's colour choices.

I actually bought one earlier this year (before swiftly returning it), partly because the white+red colour scheme looked so much better than the standard 3DS options. The same goes for this new colour - "Sea Green".

While I'm sure the intent was to invoke feelings of breezy days at the beach, you could also (if you were that into Mario Galaxy) convince yourself it was a Rosalina-themed handheld.

Well, At Least The 2DS Continues To Look Nice


    The 2DS was the first real step to making me interested in upgrading from my DS Light. For 150 bucks it wasn't a bad deal.

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      It's what made me jump ship and get my first Nintendo console. I liked it, but the screen was just too small to become immersed enough (For me) So I ended up selling it and getting an XL anyways and now I have a WiiU too. Funny how sometimes all you need is a little push.

    My 2ds is a portable Snes and Gba emulator, nice and powerfull and cheap.

      I also found it surpassingly comfortable to hold. (The shoulder buttons IMO are better than the DS and XL, but thats just my opinion). And I don't recall ever accidentally muting or maxing out the volume slider from just moving my hands as well which happens all the time on my XL.

      In all I think people are too hard on it. For the price its great. It is honestly no more inconvenient to carry around than the XL or Vita they are all chunky. If you don't mind the screen size then theres nothing wrong with it.

        $150 for 2DS, or $200 for a 3DSXL. Even if you don't use the 3D feature, the increased screen size and foldable design can't have a price put on it. It's the logical choice. We really just need a $120 2DS and/or a $160-180 2DSXL.

          I know, but at the time I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did or that I would find the screen size a draw back (If anything I thought the higher DPI/PPI would be better. It wasn't' really in the end btw if anyone is wondering they are both pixelated so just get the one with the more immersive bigger screen.)

          Also when I bought it there was a $80-100 price difference as the cheapest XL was $250 from JB (I recently got one for $239 with a whole bunch of extras though.) And I felt the 2ds was keenly priced for a little splurge even if I ended up not liking it I thought it was cheap enough for a impulse buy, $200-250 was not.

          Regardless I ended up selling and getting a 3DS XL. I don't regret getting the 2DS though. If I hadn't I would still not own a Nintendo handheld, let a lone a WiiU. It was a good stepping stone. A gateway if you will.

          actually from the last deals my local store had it was $160 for a 2ds with mario kart 7 or $245 for an xl with no game and a case.

            Really? When I bought mine it was like $259 for the XL with a game and case and stuff. I asked them if they would sell it without the game, which they did for $238 and through in the case and stuff for literally $1 on top of that making it $239. It wasn't a 'great' deal, but I figured it was good enough being only what, $20-30 more than a pre-owned one from EB games or Ebay.

    Reminds me of the Gameboy Advance, although mine was white with grey buttons.

    The biggest issues with wanting one of these is the lack of a front cover to avoid scratches and dings (Nintendo throwing one in would be great!) and the fact that it won't fit into a pocket. Even the 3DS XL, as large as it is, still fits in my jeans pockets

      I agree with the front cover thing, when Io got one I grabbed one of the zip up case things too but I did think it would have been nice to include one.

      As far as in the pocket. Well, honestly my XL barely fits in the pocket and so does the vita. People have been complaining about the size of the handhelds this 'gen' since they launched. That said, it is perhaps not great considering with the added size you aren't getting the extra screen size of the XL, but it is $100 cheaper.

      In all though when I had a 2DS it become my couch portable and my Vita remained my train portable (I find the DS can't survive a long day out with a game suspended, something I like to do on the go to just pick up where I left off instead of re-loading everything'. I just find it a little more convenient, but eh, different strokes for different folks.)

    Got one to play Pokemon. Still play Pokemon on it. Success.

    Why is the 2ds considered useless? Out of every current gen console it has the best library of games and it is more comfortable to hold than my XL is. I own a vita and a 3ds xl and if the xl broke I'd happily replace it with a 2ds for comfort. The vita doesn't get anywhere near as much use as my 3ds does...

    The 2ds fits the market perfect for people who wanted to play pokemon and not much else.

    When will kotaku hire some real writers who don't make random claims that are based on purely personal taste

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      When will kotaku hire some real writers who don't make random claims that are based on purely personal taste

      Well that's the problem. Writers are paid to make stuff up :P

        Particularly Mr. Luke "THIS IS THE GREATEST THIGN EVER/WORST THING EVER, UNWANTED HYPERBOLE" Plunkett.... Worst writer of all. That's saying a lot given how much more clickbait (i'm mainly referencing US Kotaku here, not Aus) Kotaku has become.

        They usually use facts or state why they believe something is useless. They should be saying "2ds has a new colour out, I found it to be useless because of x y z but if it's your kind of thing check it out". Not "2ds has a new colour out, it's useless."

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    If I didn't already have an XL, this would be the one I'd go for. Yeah, it's not as compact as a regular 3DS, but at least it doesn't have a hinge that acts as a bit of a structural weakness. Size isn't an issue because I take it in my backpack everywhere anyway.

    I <3 the 2DS. Not for me specifically (Got 3DS XL) but because i wanted to play games like Pokemon & Mario Party with my little brother. I got the handheld for $130 and it was awesome plays all the games we want to play and it was dirt cheap. Whats to not like about it.

    Sea Breeze would have been a better label. I mean it's not even green.

    I saw a 2DS for the first time in a Target at Maroochydore on the weekend. It looks great, if a little small. Of course, this is big ol' me who is used to the XL variants of Nintendo handhelds. If there was a 2DS XL, I'd be all over it.

    Oh, and that Princess Rosalina theme is a nice touch. It's good that Nintendo is keeping its [slightly] newer characters in the spotlight too! EDIT: "Sea Green", pffffft. It's Rosalina-themed in my eyes!

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    Original 3ds is still the best.

    just make it a tablet already, Nintendo!

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