Well, This Game Just Subverted All My Expectations...

When a game is called 'A Story About My Uncle' you tend to have some expectations. I'm thinking indie game, serious. Serious themes. I'm thinking Gone Home, Dear Esther. I'm thinking slow paced, exploration, voice overs. I wasn't thinking insane first person Mario Galaxy style platforming in an insane, schizophrenic universe. Nope. I wasn't thinking about that at all.

But that's basically what A Story About My Uncle is, and it looks impressive. Extremely impressive.

The game appears to centre around a Metroid Prime-esque gravity tether that drags you towards distant platforms and allows you to swing through the environment. It's a good sign that simply watching the above video is entertaining in the video game sense — almost as though I can parse how it would feel to navigate this game space. I can understand how rewarding that would be, just from watching.

I think that's a good sign.

A Story About My Uncle hits Steam May 28.


    Well it's from the makers of Goat Simulator so you can't predict what they'll do.

    Though this does look pretty good. I might have to give it a go :)

    Looks cool. Although it bugs me a big the way the blue ray is just like a light that turns on and off, it doesn't really "feel" like it does anything. There's no real sense of pull at all, the hand doesn't react to what it's doing at all, which feels odd. Unlike say Metroid Prime's grapple beam which had a really good sense of latching onto things and having you swing around from them.

      yeah hopefully animations will be changed, otherwise you can treat it as an 'ethereal' effect

      Last edited 13/05/14 6:42 pm

    Please tell me this has Rift support. That would be awesome.

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