What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It feels weird to not be having another long weekend. Just a plain old, regular weekend. Boo-urns. That said, I'll be busy finally finishing off Dark Souls II and trying to Gold the remaining tracks on Trials Fusion. If I'm lucky I might find the time to give Child of Eden a bash.

What are you guys and girls planning to play?

I'm achingly close to the end of Dark Souls II. I'm also suffering from serious Dark Souls fatigue so I'm keen to get it over and done with to be honest. Very strange. I never had that feeling with the original. I think in a lot of ways the game just has too many similar boss fights. Still loving it, just keen to move onto something a bit different for a while.


    Will be out all weekend, but if I was home it would totally be Child of Light or Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines. All this is biding time for the triumphant return of Tex Murphy next week after sixteen years. :D

    Child of Eden

    I think you mean Child Of Light, lol.

    I'll be playing Child Of Light as well (on Xbone) as well as Trails: Fusion, Titanfall and PvZ:GW.

      I'm playing Child of Light on PS4. The touch pad controls are weeeeeird, man. I find I just use the sticks anyways. XD

        I've ordered the PS3/PS4 Deluxe Edition of CoL as well. I still haven't got a PS4 yet, still at least another few weeks away, while Infamous: SS sits on my shelf taunting me.

    Trials Fusion, just got Full Throttle III after about 5hrs of trying, it has ruined the way I play now forever holding the throttle down. Titanfall, mate just bought an xbone so might go back to some older games Ryse, maybe get the DLC, Forza5.

      Saw Full Throttle III and lamented the closing of LucasArts once more. :'(

      Carry on. Haha!

    I'll be playing Witch and the Hundred Knight, mixed with some Sorcery Saga and U-four-ia.

    just got back into wow (I'm not exactly sure why) but i set up an account for my brother as well so we are playing together which has been a fun experience. I will mostly be playing that this weekend. Will probably also start up another map of Civ 5 and lose some time to that :)

      It's okay to replay once you forget absolutely everything you've done a hundred times before. After getting a new character to 90, I couldn't stand the thought of doing the same quests another time :<

    I don't know. I completed Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 the other night (quick review, the infamous stealth sections are as bad as people say but the rest of the game is great) so I'm not sure what to move on to. Maybe start painting for next weeks Warmachine league (after free comic book day).

    Also my capture device came in this week, maybe I'll start fiddling around with recording so that I can finally start my Halo retrospective review that I've been meaning to do for a while now.

    Going to attempt to smash my way through some PS+ backlog and sales from the PS store which have been rapidly building up. Grabbed Southpark: Stick of Truth for $44 so will try and give that a whirl.
    Although most time will probably be spent on Heartstone or NBA:2K14

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    Will be finishing Darksiders II (meh), dabbling in "Mario Game" (aka Super Mario 3D World), probably trying to finish the non-extreme levels in Trials Fusion and unlock the platinum medals.

    Then relax with Spelunky on the Vita. Screw you, Olmec!

    I'm rather pissed at Sorcery Saga heh. My first save I played 20+ hours with my Pure Heart Lv5 + 27 and my Teal Claymore +30 and then accidentally not pay for dungeon shop and died. Quit the game since :P

    I'll be playing Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 on paper with friends.
    Maybe also a bit of WoW or D3.

    I picked up South Park The Stick of Truth last weekend, so will be continuing through that. Am really enjoying it despite not watching South Park for years, or really ever playing turn based RPG's previously. It's dumb, and gross, but really fun.

    Bravely Default, Iracing and maybe finish up episode 1 of Burial at Sea.

    Got Child Of Light and Stick It To The Man waiting for me on PS4 so will start both of those. Maybe a bit of BF4, too. And might go back to the PS3 for a bit more Skyrim, too.

    FIFA World Cup Brazil, so happy they've got Philippines in the game!

    Also, is anyone having audio problems with NBA 2k14 on PS4? The sound keeps cutting out every 5 seconds or so.

    I started an extra large map of Warlock 2 at the start of the week and just managed to wrest control of my 4th shard yesterday after work so chances are I'm going to disappear into that for a few hours this weekend! Bye bye sunlight....

    Maybe continue with Evil playthrough of Infamous SS. If Child of Light arrives today I'll give that ago. Otherwise it's Mass Effect COMPLETE PLAYTHROUGH. Restarted with my Level 59 Jane Shepard last weekend. She's aced every mission at Pinnacle Station... :)

      So much good!!!

      Coming to the end of my massive, paragon Femshep 3-game complete DLC play through. Completing the Leviathan DLC. Became a fanboy all over again.

        That's why I'm on it - I picked up all the ME3 DLC recently, and I haven't even played the extended edition. Also I had the ME3 face bug when I played it, so I still don't really feel "my" Shep's story ended. I'm really enjoying going back to the beginning. Asteroid mission tonight, some side missions, then off to the 3 main early quests...

    Still start and Expert/Evil Infamous run.

    Will finish Octodad, then look for some ties.

    Will finish off Stick It To The Man on PS4, this will be playthrough number 3... lol

    Will continue to suck at Trials Fusion.

    Anything and everything, I've got a big backlog. PvZ is highly probable.

    Dark Souls (the first) I have a score to settle with a heavily armoured bastard at the bottom of a tower. alternatively I could go to the depths and get myself cursed again or venture further into the forest which is really fucking scary and you can't see anything

      Or you could go to Sens and get knocked off a path by some traps. Or go to Anor Londo and get knocked of a path by some bow wielding pricks. Either way good times ahead for you !

      I'm playing through DS2 atm and I almost miss those places, DS2 doesn't seem to have any of those kind of areas I've seen yet. Mind you im on PC and only have had time to get to Huntsman Copse area thus far, maybe they are still to come ????

        I thought the same thing but then you realise the game has like double the themed areas of Dark Souls 1 and just keeps going and going.
        I did most bosses first to 3rd attempt and still clocked 80 hours doing every boss (except Dark Lurker the secret boss).

    I think I may be giving Dragons Dogma a try, otherwise it'll be cataloging my piles of shame and trying to get it into manageable chunks I can tackle week by week

      I was surprised by Dragon Dogma, hadn't heard much about it when I picked it up and was happy I did. Starts a little slow but stick with it, its really good I think.

    Hitting the backlog - Going to play Assassins Creed 4, I've barely scratched the surface and I want to finish it before Watch Dogs comes out

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