What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Goddammit Dark Souls. I am so close. SOOooooo close. I've been dragging this out for so long. I am on the final boss. Just got there last night but it was too late and I had to go to sleep. This weekend, it all ends and I will be free from this goddamn curse.

Same with Trials Fusion. I am on the final track. Inferno IV. Hopefully I'll knock that over this weekend as well.

My month of video game pain is almost over and I plan on playing something really easy once this is all over. Any suggestions?

What are you all playing this weekend?


    SiN! (Yes, the one from the 90s) and not because I only discovered the greatness that is GOG last week, and probably Dark Souls 1 in lieu of the wait for Wolfenstein: The New Order!

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    I've discovered Board Game Arena, which lets you play board games online.

    Knocked out a lot of games of Seasons and Hive yesterday. Will try to knock out even more over the weekend.

    Also might finally try my hand at ranked Dota 2. Normally I play unranked because Random Draft is my favourite game mode and it's not available in ranked play. In the last few weeks, I've had a decent run of non-terrible All Pick games, so maybe I'll be okay queueing just for All Pick for a bit. Admittedly, Captain's Draft might be fun but I'm fairly sure that there will be a grand total of three people queueing for it, so finding a match will be impossible.

      Looks like a good way to play board games when friends aren't free to play. Thanks!

        It's pretty easy to play with friends as well. Going for a quick game of something is fairly simple.

    I just completed Dark Souls 2 two days ago. It feels like a weight has been lifted to be honest. Although I've been hearing good things about New Games Plus... But I've got a bunch of assignments due so I'm putting the foray into that on hold.

    I've been playing The Wolf Among Us to wind down after Dark Souls 2 and assignments. I highly recommend playing it, or some other Telltale Game as they're polar opposites to Dark Souls 2. Nothing like a good story to keep you distracted.

    I'm at the stage where I have a massive backlog of games, but there isn't something really asking to be played. Maybe I'll pursue something else like reading or get back in touch with friends. Dark Souls makes you re-evaluate things in your life haha.

    More Dark Souls 2!!! Hopefully I'll beat the gargoyles tonight if I don't get buttfucked by 20 grey phantoms on the way.

    Hmmm finishing off Frozen Throne again I think, finished RoC last weekend. I still live in desperate hope that Blizzard will release a new Warcraft RTS one of these days....
    I must give them credit however for at least releasing a patch that added 1920x1080 support to War3 and FT.

    Also got a local Dota2 event to organise and set up for.
    Might play some more Grid2 as well

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      Ah, Warcraft 3! I tried multiple times to finish the main campaign. I always got to the last mission where I think its Drow, Orcs and Humans vs some tree evil thing defended by demons? How's my memory?

      Anyway, never got past it. My RTS skills are terrible despite numerous attempts to improve them. I like to ponder things too much in those games and just get swarmed.

        Just build multiple Tree of Lifes in front of the World Tree.

          Don't even remember what a tree of life is... Might have to purchase this game and finally finish it

            It's like the main building where you build all your workers and upgrade for new tech.

              Yeah my tactic for that was to defend the human base for 10 - 15 mins or so (Miranda's Starfall is great combined with Stormrage's Healing Rain, plus your initial troops).
              In the mean time I pumped out lots of wisps to build up 10 or so ancient protectors at the orc base as well as a tree of war for training some replacement troops.
              Hard to keep the protectors alive but as they swamp you with lots of siege catapults, but yeah just kept pumping out wisps to build replacement protectors as needed (lost one or two protectors per 'wave')
              Ended up pretty easy, the demons didn't get past the orc base (though they did destroy most of it), managed to hold it for the remaining 30 mins til campaign over.

              Good game, I love war3 (dying for a new Warcraft RTS but Blizzard seems to have entirely given up on that, I guess Starcraft is their only RTS now :/ ), only thing I would like changed would be more units per control group, I think you are limited to just 12 per group, not really enough, 20 would have been better, but for most of the campaigns you can make do with group 1 being your hero and units, and group 2 being your siege gear.

        Very close, but slightly wrong. So I give your Warcraft 3 memory 8/10.
        You play as the night elves with your controllable base as well as allied human and orc bases laid out in a path between the World Tree and the demons, and you have to defend the tree against the incoming waves of demons.

          I'm actually surprised I said Drow... Still, pretty happy with 8/10!

            Drow = night elf in my books so that got a pass from me :)

    I am on the final boss. Just got there last night but it was too late and I had to go to sleep.

    Wow, this is exactly what happened to me last night, I gave it a few tries and called it a night. Tonight is the night it all ends..... and then begins again in NG+.

    Other than that.. may start Trials fusion, I've had it since release on PC but Dark Souls kinda took over and I haven't even launched it... yes I'm a bad person.

    Inferno made me angry. Like, I may have broken the little things that hold your keyboard up angry.

      Your desk?

    I would be playings DS2 if my PS3's laser lens hadn't died. So at the moment I'm playing God Hand instead, since it's one of the few digital games on my ps3 that I still find fun.

    I wouldn't mind playing some Shovel Knight but yea.... Still delayed with no release date yet... So I'm very sad. I just got ff8 on sale from the humble store so I shall be playing that and mayhaps some more csgo.

    Kotaku is a lonely place for those who haven't got dark souls 2 yet...

    Finishing off Child Of Light, playing through The Walking Dead: Season 1 (again), then straight on to Season 2, then probably some PvZ: GW, and Titanfall (if I can find a bloody match). Also need to get back to The Wolf Among Us soon, haven't played past episode 1.

    Edit: Also have to try and fit some Trials: Fusion in.

    Also, @markserrels, Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is a lot of fun.

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    Bound By Flame - good excuse to play the PS4 again, and when I get bored or finished I'll play more Child of Light.

    Witch and the Hundred Knight mostly. Outside of that will be some kind of mix of FF III, Demon Gaze and U-Four-ia.

    Kotaku I have a gaming problem, I have a massive backlog of games but none excite me. I end up spending my weekend gaming time bouncing from game to game then I do actually playing them, or I find myself just watching YouTube or imgur instead. Anyone know how to get out of this type of gaming rut?

      Yeah, close your laptop until you've at least gotten an hour into a new game.

    Got a new league for Warmachine to play/paint for. Maybe I'll play some Child of Light or any backlog games.

    But I also need to spend more time on recording for my Halo project I want to finish by the end of the month.

    Dark Souls 2 - only recently entered Drangleic Castle so I've got a ways to go. Also some Child of Light and I might get around to the second half of Broken Sword 5. Splitting that game in two parts was a questionable move.

      I'm so sorry :P I hope you enjoy ruin sentinels.

    More FTB blood magic... went with a basic tower containing my Thaumcraft stuff (really liking the new research mechanics), and my tier 3 blood altar on the roof, with enough room for the eventual upgrade to tier 5, with rituals set up on platforms off to the sides. Eventual plan remains to move the altar to a floating island, maybe I'll just remove the tower portion and rebuild the island underneath the altar, rituals floating around it in the eight corners... I have a small setup off to the side generating obsidian, stone, cobble, sand and glass, so basic building resources shouldn't be too much of a problem...
    Might try and get through Outlast and Whistleblower... if I can figure out a way to normalise the volume a bit - those volume spikes affect my gameplay far more than the gore or the monsters...

    I'm actually hosting a LAN party with some friends, we'll be playing DOTA2, DayZ, Magicka, Counterstrike, and probably some other stuff too.

    Dark Souls: the moonlight butterfly is toast, Havel is defeated and now I have to tackle the depths and hopefully do it without getting cursed (last time they cursed me I decided to take on the ghosts in the ruins but that became an exercise in pushing shit uphill!

    Finish off Hitman Absolution maybe. It's a pretty awful game though.

      No it's not.

    Hearthstone mainly. I started playing a couple of months ago and if anything I am more addicted now than I was when I started. I really think it's an amazing game, despite the vocal Blizzard community criticising the balance and claiming it's P2W (it's not - it certainly doesn't hurt to spend, but there is PLENTY of enjoyment for free players).

    I'll also continue attempting to 100% Marvel Lego Superheroes which I highly recommend to anyone with even a passing interest in Marvel. Also, bought Trials Fusion when a mate came over 2 weeks ago and sat through the entire thing in one sitting (excluding expert tracks). I need to go back to it and start doing some challenges and the expert tracks.

    ALSO - I am considering reinstalling DOTA2 but that sorta makes me a little scared... I'm gonna be so rusty!

    ALSO ALSO - I've recently tried my hand at bread making (no bread maker machine, just oven) and am really enjoying the process. Soy and linseed loaf tomorrow coming up!

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    Might turn the PS4 on and play some Tomb Raider, or turn the PS3 on and take the cellophane off The Last of Us & play that or some just settle for some Rocksmith.

    I finished Ds2 on Wednesday, all done and dusted.
    And then got bored and started a Onebro character :/
    I really should find something else to do.

    I started a second playthrough of Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. After doing a "normal" playthrough as a Brujah I want to do a "fun" playthrough as a Malkavian. I might try and do a Nosferatu playthrough as well, once I know how to navigate the sewers well enough.

    Other than that, I'm having people over. I don't expect to play a lot of games.

      How's that game hold up today? I remember it being great though I never finished it. Wasn't it the first game released using the Source 1.0 engine?

        Since any modern PC can max out the settlings it's not that bad graphically, but the engine sure is clunky. It takes some determination to get past certain areas. I had some trouble with it in the past and this time around I went straight in with the 8.9 patch by Wesp that fixes a number of bugs and also pushes some "lost" content back in. Just after I finished it, the 9.0 patch went out so I installed that before starting my Malk playthrough.

        Since I don't have the deep familiarity with the core game I couldn't really tell you the differences, but I'd still recommend patching the game before starting.

          Yeah I bought it at launch and remember it being great but oh so buggy. Pretty sure it's cheap as hips on Steam so might give it another go with the patch. Cheers.

      Wow, I need to dig that game up - it was amazing. I only got through a play through as Malkavian, and I gave up when I tried Nosferatu. I remember it being glitchy as hell but thoroughly enjoyable,

      Have at it.

    Well I've been getting back into last years DMC and decided to grab the vergil DLC, so probably give that a run through ... other then that I should probably play Wolf among us episode 3, it's been sitting on my xbox for a while. I'll probably look some more info about destiny and the doom 4 demo that's with wolfenstein

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