What Dark Souls Meets Metal Gear Solid

PvP in Dark Souls is a brutal business and it's even more brutal when you're facing against someone with a metric buttload of Silver Talismen. The Silver Talisman allows players to transform into an object and stealthily avoid conflict, Metal Gear Solid style. Essentially players are hiding in a cardboard box or, in this case, a barrel.

The above video is the perfect example of the severe levels of trolling that's part and parcel of the whole Silver Talisman situation, perfectly complimented with the Metal Gear Solid soundtrack and sound effects.

I remember when I first played Metal Gear Solid I felt as though I had to somehow suspend my disbelief at highly trained guards who couldn't find me when I miraculously transformed into a cardboard box that wasn't there before. But you know what? Maybe I was too hard on these guys. This video proves that human beings are generally stupid enough to buy that sort of thing.


    Should it be "When Dark Souls Meets Metal Gear Solid"?

    I've yet to see someone use this trick in game, unless they were that good that I just never noticed. There was a moment where I believed I was being stalked, because I was invaded but never saw the player. Ended up just getting bored and moving to another area. If this happens again I'm tempted to use the Seed of Giants (I think that's what it's called) just to make their job a lot more harder.

    Oh ma god I cannot wait to get this item. Epic trollin'

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