What Do You Think Of This New Game Trailer?

Last night, the publisher Interceptor Entertainment announced a video game called Bombshell. They put up a website and teaser trailer, which you can watch above.

Interceptor Entertainment is the video game publisher that was trying to make a new Duke Nukem game (with original Duke Nukem creator 3D Realms) before getting entangled in lawsuits with Gearbox Software. This is their newest game. It's out in 2015 for PC and PlayStation 4.

So, I'm curious... what do you think of this trailer? Post all thoughts below.


    Does anyone else feel like this was the trailer for their Duke Nukem game they were working on, only they switched his model with a female character instead?

    So many Terminator 2 references / similarities. I smell a lawsuit comming

    Well, i'm going to assume it'll be new fodder for a debate on gender roles and the generalization of 13-year-old boys.

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