What Would You Put Into The Australian Version Of Cards Against Humanity?

Cards Against Humanity has been holding off releasing in Australia, but the call has just been put out for ideas for an Australian themed version of the game to coincide with its Australian launch.

If you haven't already played it, Cards Against Humanity is a conversational card game all about filling gaps in sentences. The sentences usually start off normal, until the gaps are filled with some of the most intentionally offensive material you've ever heard.

Through Critical Hit, the public is being canvassed for comedic content — and my mind is already cringing with what all you horrible, horrible people will come up with.

In their own words:

Because nobody makes fun of Aussies better than other Aussies, we will be opening up suggestions for cards to go into the Australian edition of the game!

They'll be going through each entry for consideration, and no doubt laughing their asses off all along the way. But be sure to leave your email address with your suggestions — successful cards will go in the running to win you a slot for playtesting the new game.

You can contribute, and submit your email for playtesting, here.


    Tony Abbot eat ____ for breakfast.
    His Daughter

      "To save money in the budget the Federal Government has cut all funding for ____"

      Sooooo short sighted. Just put Abbott's budgie smugglers because they're both hilarious and vulgar all at the same time.

    One white card would just have to be the word "Mateship".

    Come to think of it we weren't being nearly distasteful enough last night. Not a single mention of Robert Hughes or Rolf Harris :P

    Never even knew what it was about till now, but it sounds like a lot of fun. There's just one problem, I guess you need people to play it with, and I'm pretty sure my wife and the in-laws wouldn't like it.

      Yeah, I nearly bought it once, and then realised I need other people that would play it. :(

      One of the funniest things bout this game is when you realise some of the most polite, religious and proper people you know also have the dirtiest minds.

      I have no idea why, but every time I play it with a new group of people, the most reserved, shy and easily offend-able person ends up winning.

      I'm sure it can backfire quite badly but I always warn people who haven't played before. Can't remember anyone ever choosing not to play either...

      Disclaimer: My parents haven't played this. However my excuse is that English is not their first language and they'd probably just not "get" most of it.

    "Australias internet infrastructure is a pile of _____
    The reason is because Turnbull is a ____"

    "Australians pay double for videogames. The reason for this increase is because _____"

    a dopey drunk-ass, just waiting for his mate

      Someone please suggest "just waitin' for a mate"!!

        "Sir have you been drinking?"
        "Nah I'm just waitin for a _____."

    40 Odd Foot of Grunts

      There was only 30 originally. .. then they became The Ordinary Fear of God...

    I bought the core set for this game about a month ago, and printed off a few hundred "user generated" cards from various forums around the place. Makes for an awesome Friday night drinks game at home. Get 4 or 5 people around, crack a few bottle of wine, then proceed to spit wine out your nose when hilarious card combinations come up.

    The emperor Nasi Goreng, build the great wall of china to ____________

      * Keep the Moguls out.
      * Keep Britannica out.
      * Keep the rabbits out.
      * Keep Justin Bieber out.

      I see what you've done here, :D.

      Last edited 29/05/14 3:25 pm

        here you missed one

        * Keep Tony Abbott out.

        Last edited 29/05/14 6:37 pm

          No, I did not miss one. Despite his leadership abilities being less than that of a block of drift wood it still exceeds by miles the capabilities of Bill Shorten.

          Australian's voted Labor out for a reason so don't go complaining about the Coalition because if Labor stayed the situation would only be fine in the short term and disastrous soon after.

          And if you want to discuss politics then take it to an appropriate thread. Otherwise, keep such comments to yourself.

          Last edited 29/05/14 6:51 pm

    Given that it is Australia... clearly one of the White Cards would simply be...


    Right? Or would that be far too common for the majority of questions?

    "Australians all let us rejoice, for we are _____ and _____".

    "Michael Hutchence's favourite belt"

      Or as a question:

      "Besides his favourite belt, Michael Hutchence also liked to choke on _____."

    I purchased the game, and it is awesome with the right amount of people.

    White card:
    Tony Abbots Speedo

    Already put this in TAY, but:

    "There's a bear in there, and ________ as well"

      *Starts grinding teeth and straining.*

      Must. Not. Say. Electric. Chair!!!!!!

    Hah! I made a thread on /r/Australia months ago asking exactly this;


    Gametraders have been selling this recently, picked up a UK version from the Canberra store. They had the expansions and the bigger blacker box too. Gold game this one

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