When Real Life BMX And Video Games Collide

In my mind the world of BMX and the world of video games are intertwined. In the 80s, when I grew up, kids were obsessed with both BMX and video games. Combining the two has been a thing to do ever since. There have been loads of great BMX video games, and this video from Red Bull does the reverse — it attempts to take real life BMXing and transfer it into video game territory.

The above video takes a real life BMX track, puts a camera in a fixed position and essentially creates what looks like an old-school isometric video game.

This video did a pretty good job of reminding me that this type of game — extreme sports style trick games — don't really exist any more. OlliOlli was pretty good on Vita and we have Trials I suppose. But I really miss games like Skate or Unirally. Games where you really master that twitch-based skill. Bring it back please!


    Mat Hoffman Pro BMX.... Ah the memories...

    Namely how much I sucked at it. I just found it ridiculously difficult..

      I have to start an all out BMX game war here.. but DAVE MIRRA was way better than Matt Hoffman.


      I have no idea why I say that but it's burned in my memory as a fact. I can't even remember the game but I remember it was the first game i ever finished. I think 2 was my fav but oh man Dave Mirra was an amazing game. Seriously. So tempted to watch youtube videos now but it will ruin the memories im sure.

      But yeah, Dave Mirra wins!

        Never played it but the soundtrack looks sweet! I'll take your word for it :-)

        +1 for Dave Mirra being the king of BMX video games. So many memories.

        Solid diet of tony hawk and dave mirra made for some sweet teenage gaming !

    It looks weird, like some of it is actual obstacles and some of it is just painted on the flat ground...

    Hahahaha I honestly thought I was looking at a screenshot for Marble Madness or something there. That's awesome.

    There are a few sweet bmx games on ios and android. Pocket BMX has a combo system very similar to matt hoffmans pro bmx. Plus it was made locally in Aus :)

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