WildStar Finally Gets Around To Talking About Raiding

WildStar Finally Gets Around To Talking About Raiding

With less than a month left before the June 3 official launch of WildStar, Carbine Studios gives prospective players a look at the high-end raid content topping off the eagerly anticipated science fiction MMORPG.

For those of you unfamiliar with massively multiplayer online role-playing game terms, a raid is an adventure meant for large groups of players — in this case 20 or 40 — in which massive amounts of deadly danger must be overcome in order to secure powerful equipment specifically designed to let other players know you’ve overcome massive amounts of deadly danger. Run-on sentences are just one of these deadly dangers.

WildStar shakes things up a bit by shaking things up a bit. Instead of giving players a static dungeon that they will perfect in a month and then spend a year farming, raids in WildStar change. Change is pretty scary. Official bullet-pointed features lists help.

  • Telegraph combat system – The Telegraph Combat System makes dungeons unpredictable and exciting. No website walkthrough will prepare you for the complex boss battles and randomised chaos you will face.
  • Teamwork — In raids you will join 20 or 40 players as you battle through destructive environments, making teamwork essential. Whether you are dropping down a heal or grappling a team member to safety, teamwork is vital to surviving these mind-bending gauntlets.
  • Replayability — Sure you’ve done the impossible: cleansed the area, killed the bosses, looted the loot, and killed the things. But if you wanted a static universe, you came to the wrong one! On Nexus, enemies learn from your pesky visits. Be prepared for tectonic shifts from one week to the next, with unique events and bosses available at variable times. Because the only thing better than accomplishing the impossible is doing it repeatedly.
  • Loads and loads of loot! — After defeating Nexus’s toughest delegators, don’t forget their putrefying uber-corpses are loaded with desirable accessories. From epic armour sets, uniquely powerful runes and elderly gems in record numbers, to artifact weapons of incomparable majesty. The goodies you’ll find on these deceased demi-stiffs will more than justify every death and bead of perspiration!

I’ve never been a raider, but looking at this video, these features and these screenshots, I’m pretty sure I’m still not a raider.


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