Wolfenstein, As Told By Steam Reviews


    Gotta laugh how the one person lamenting the lack of Multiplayer was "[OWND] n00b"

    I'D GIVE IT 10/10 ON THE MURDERBONER-SCALEe Hahaha, that one cracked me right up.

    Jews will love it. *Shakes head

      I did Nazi that one coming

        Guys, guys, this actually isn't a laughing matter, making jokes about WWII just ain't reich.

    In no other game does does jumping off a platform, sprinting into 3 Nazis, stabbing one, throwing knife-ing the 2nd and shooting the third with any weapon cause it doesn't matter now he's the last one count as stealth. I love it.

      No explosions, 5/5 stealth rating! Yeah!

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