Wolfenstein On Xbox One Vs PS4 Vs PC

Three versions of the newest Wolfenstein, all with their own graphical quirks and strengths. Let's compare them, shall we?

GameSpot has the obligatory graphics comparison for The New Order, which is worth watching if you're debating which version of the game to get. Honestly, while there are definite visible differences, all versions of the game still look great to me.

Which one will you end up getting, if any?

[via GameSpot]


    I bought it on ps4......and it was awesome.

    I got mine on Xbox One, and it's awesome. What this video really shows is that the consoles are getting closer and closer to PC's. To my eyes, the PS4 has better surface textures (wood, rock, metal), while the Xbox One has better particle effects (fire, explosions, water). The Xbox one is 'lighter' in colour as well.

    Xbone here. Looks great, plays great. Really enjoying it.

    Should tide me over until Watch Dogs, anyway.

      Same, picking my copy up today, and slapping a tenner down on Watch Dogs while I'm there.

        I'm going to do the same - pre-order Watch_Dogs that is. Already enjoying my copy of Wolfie and I highly recommend it.

          Yeah, noticed that you've been playing. Shame there's no multiplayer.

            I've been taking it slow. Doing a chapter or two a night - looking for collectibles. Not an achievement whore but I do have OCD.


    In all seriousness I got the PC version. Downloaded all 40gb or wateva, played it, had fun. Came back to it next day... Steam wouldn't recognise the files and insisted on downloading it all over again... Just ignoring the 40gb folder.

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      Thats why I stopped playing ALL my Ubisoft games. Strange that Steam did it too :/

    Yay, video games media using compressed, 30fps video footage to get people riled-up for/against different platforms! Guess it gets the views though.

    Doesn't look to be that much difference between em. I'll get the PC version, only because that's my gaming platform of choice. But I wouldn't be bothered if I had to get it on either console.

    Is there any difference in the content - exclusive's or anything like that?

    Also - Can we just take a second to talk about the production values on that video! Crazy good....

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    I hate these videos. All I can ever see in the difference is the brightness settings.

    Probably because I could never do Magic Eye as a kid either.

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      Me too! Same with magic eye!

        Well, Digital Foundry have a pre-DF article on it. They do look similar. Both PS4 and X1 are locked at 60fps so far and are very close to 1080p, the PS4 being native and the X1 1440x1080p.

        Doesn't look amazing, but if they rest of the multi-platform games look and run like this this gen, it's good enough for me IMO. (I have a PC, WiiU and PS4, might get a X1 later, haven't decided yet.)

          Rage ran at a locked 60fps on Xbox360 and PS3 (and look at how old that hardware was). It's just an incredibly well optimised engine. I hate to break it to you, but I wouldn't count on a locked 60fps at 1080p to be the standard for multi-platform games on Xbone and PS4 for the rest of this generation (not when that's already proven to be a sore point less than a year into the launch of systems that have moved away from more complex architectures to x86 ... people who keep thinking it's a matter of time for developers to get their heads around it are just kidding themselves for the most part).

            I don't expect them too, and I hate to break it to you, I never said I though they would. I meant it would be nice. I generally game on my PC btw (Except for exclusives or games like Assassins Creed), so there is no need to tell me about how the consoles are not exactly power houses and I am well aware that the same 'optimisations' that were made last gen as developers got used to the tech most likely wont happen this time due to the X86 platform. I do however know that IF developers use things like GPU compute we could see some interesting things happening to physics and IA as opposed to graphics. Optimisations will be done this gen I think, but not too much to the graphics side of things.

            When you look back, optimisations happen to work around the weakest areas of the hardware. Texture streaming was implemented not because the graphics cards couldn't handle high rez textures, but because there wasn't enough memory. So this gen I expect to see mostly (But not only) non-graphics related optimisations being made to work around the CPU's in light of the larger than normal memory pool available (For consoles I think a lot of us almost expected less than 8GB initially).

            That said, I do like the new consoles and I think they have a good generation ahead of them, I just hope to see more games looking and running well instead of all the 'hd ready' or 900p stuff. I try to be objective when I post, I am sorry that you misunderstood my statement. I did not say Rage was not well optimised, I only wanted to point out the game does look and run well across the board and I hope to see more like it, I did not mean to pick sides, as I have stated before I own many systems ('Current gen' I own a A Vita, 3DS, WiiU, PS4 and a good PC and as I said I am on the fence about an X1 at this stage) and enjoy them all equally.

            Hope that clears thing up and for the record I do agree with most of your points.

              All good. I'm sorry for any misunderstanding on my side as well. I think I just get very frustrated when I look at this generation of consoles. I owned every console from last generation, but I am simply not feeling it from this generation in any way whatsoever. I guess maybe that's come down to changes in how I played games during the last generation, trending to move ever exclusively to PC. The last two noticeable examples of console gaming becoming a real struggle for me was GTAV and The Last of Us. With GTAV, I was literally shocked at how laggy the game felt when I first started playing it (I very slowly adjusted to it over time but throughout the game I kept on thinking how much better it's going to be on PC). With The Last of Us, I loved how pretty the game looked but was taken out of the experience constantly by an overburdened frame rate and drastically reduced controller inputs due to latency.

              I think I've just become too used to having options. I mean, if I'm playing a game on PC and I'm not happy with performance, then I simply turn a few options down and, voilĂ , the game is running smoothly. Maybe I was a bit blind to it in the past, but it felt as though consoles used to strike a bit more of a balance between performance and graphical quality ... whereas now it feels like it's all just about the graphics, no matter the cost to performance. I'd personally prefer them to tone down a lot of the graphical fidelity and have a smoother running game, but that isn't my choice, it's solely the developers choice ... and therein lies the problem for me in a nutshell.

              There are some console exclusives that I think are fantastic ... but I hate them for being console exclusives (if that makes any sense). I want to be able to play a game like The Last of Us at 60fps @ 1080p, but I just don't have that option (and even though I know they are re-releasing that game on PS4, I am still not holding my breath for a locked 60fps @ 1080p ... I just have this sinking feeling that it's going to be another Tomb Raider - touting 60fps, but often dipping down to 40's and 30's, which causes judder and all kinds of other issues).

              I honestly don't like elitism. Hell, I wouldn't say gaming on a single 1080p monitor is elitism these days ... have you seen the setups of triple screen monitors and crazy resolutions that some guys have? I think my setup is fairly modest in comparison to what a lot of people have out there, but when I can max out the settings for almost every game I play, and that I can always count on a unwavering 60fps, then that makes my gaming experience so much more immersive and enjoyable. Perhaps this is the point of no return for me, and maybe that means missing out on a few exclusives ... but I just feel that I can't justify the cost of a next gen console when the experience falls short, time and time again. Or, you know, I can just wait until the next gen consoles become dirt cheap :P

                Yeah. My feeling this generation is that the consoles are the true graphics whores because of what they sacrifice for the graphics.

                In terms of the last of us what I felt was that for everything that looked great there was something that was held back as well. Still a great game though. :)

                Edit: I also have a modest rig (cost about $6-700 with an ssd!) and can max out games 1080p60fps. The pc norm is going up to 1440p not 1080p as well so yeah, it is frustrating when the consoles are 900p but admittedly on a TV it still looks good.

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                  Even more reason I wouldn't consider myself an elitist ... I think 1440p and 1600p pushes it a little too far with quite a few games (unless you have top of the line graphics cards running in SLI or crossfire), and then once again you start dropping back into sub 60fps territory, which wouldn't be pleasant unless you had a gsync monitor or didn't care about screen tearing. I find 1080p perfectly fine for my needs (with AA where it's needed). I'd prefer 1080p @ 60fps any day of the week over 1440p and 1600p @ inconsistent frame rates.

                  Talking about resolutions, one of the funniest things I hear from some people, who have no real clue about hardware limitations of consoles, is how they think that 4K gaming is something that's going to be possible with PS4 and Xbone in the future.

                  It would seem I can no longer reply to your comments. I guess we've maxed out the chain so I'll just put it here.

                  Yeah, I agree. I have a 27" 1080p monitor (I play with a controller a bit away from the screen) and with some Aa it still looks great. That said when the game doesn't support it and I can't add it with a third part program theb I see the point of 1440p, also for working the dpi helps.

                  That said, I also know what it takes to run games any higher than that. All the pc guys on the internet trashing consoles saying pc is better because they play at 4k60 fps, sometimes 120fps, most of them are lying. Considering that the Gpu power alone would be 2x295x2's for demanding games. Fanboys everywhere I say. I'm glad I'm sorta just watching this going: meh, I just play the games man.

                  I am also exited for the 21:9 monitors at 1440p, those excite me more than 4k and are easier to run, it would also be great for me because I do some sound and video editing. (needing a pc is a good way to justify getting a decent rig.)

                  haha ... I have a 27" 1080p monitor as well (and hooking it up to the TV takes all of 10 seconds with a HDMI cable). Even using keyboard and mouse and sitting closer I don't find it an issue at all (I do use a 360 controller for some games). I know a time will come when I will probably choose a higher resolution, but I'm not in a rush. It's like you said with 4K gaming - you need some serious hardware to run at that resolution without it being unplayable (the heat and electricity? I think I'll pass on that, lol). Oh, and something like a 21:9 monitor @ 1440p sounds WAY better than a triple monitor setup or 4K (sounds perfect for sound and video editing).

      Ditto! I usually avoid these videos because if it does look better on a different system (considerably anyway) it'll just bug you. So what's the point, might as well enjoy the grass on our side.

        I don't mind these videos...I guess if you have a eye for detail, you would be able to see the differences (especially between the 7th and 8th gen consoles)... The only comparison video I didn't like was the one they did for Tomb Raider because they were comparing the PS3, X360 and PC versions with the Definitive Edition that is on PS4 and Xbone

    I guess some people will never get sick of the graphics comparisons. How does the gameplay compare? It's probably identical I'm guessing. I'm assuming all three games have robot dogs.

      Identical but two of them have awful controls.

        Well that's all depending on what controller/control style, you prefer. For me, I prefer console controls over mouse and keyboard majority of the time.

    I'm playing it on the 360, there is quite a bit of texture pop in but it hasn't detracted my enjoyment of the game.. also it's on 4 friggin disks! swap city.

      :0 yeah i wont miss that [Disc swapping] about the 360.

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      Ouch! I'm so used to having multi-disc 360 games vs one disc on PS3 that when my Xbone version came was one disc I just assumed that was the standard across all platforms!

      There is a lot of texture pop in on the PC version as well. I blame the terrible engine its running on.

        It could be due to your gpu/memory. If there's not enough memory to hold all the textures, depending on the engine and other factors, it might load lower res textures to maintain performance. I think you'll find texture popping would be different for each pc. Lots of factors involved in why that sort of thing happens, but without specific details about your pc and the game engine, it's all just a stab in the dark ;)

          Well I have a GTX 680 with 2gb of VRAM and 32GB of system ram and an intel 4770k.

          Its also running off an SSD. I think the engine just sucks :p

          It also drops from 120fps randomly down to 4-5 fps based on where I am standing in a level. The first level was fine but when I started that level where you are on the side of the building the whole thing just chugged.

            I haven't got the game yet, so I can't speak for how it runs on my system, but the 2gb of vram might not be quite enough depending on what quality settings you use. Try lowering the texture quality down a notch and the popping may reduce. If it bugs you of course. If it doesn't bother you, all the better ;) I remember having texture issues with Rage on my pc, but I know it's partly to do with the mega texture setup, the way mip-mapping is handled, and the fact my vid card only has 2gb of vram. I've seen it run on cards with 3-4gb, and it didn't happen anywhere near as much, if at all.

    Xbox one here. It looks great but i have experiences a bit of weirdness (think giant chucks of aircraft getting stuck on screen during the opening scence shooting down nazi planes making that you cant see.)

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