Wolfenstein Was Both Loved And Hated By Pirates

Wolfenstein Was Both Loved And Hated By Pirates

Wolfenstein’s digital version on PC is a monstrous 43GB download. If you thought that was an inconvenience for people using Steam’s servers, spare a thought (or a laugh) for those trying to illegally download the game.

TorrentFreak has taken a look at the comments sections of some piracy links and come up with a few interesting observations. The first is that waiting for 43GB to download via torrents was not something pirates were very pleased with.

“43GB? holy fuck,” one wrote, while another despairs “I have to uninstall like 10 games to play this shit!!”

My heart bleeds.

Perhaps more constructively, there were also anecdotal reports of pirates giving up the long wait, and deciding to just buy the game (later, when it was on sale, of course).

Not that this was a widespread deterrent; for all the hardships, TF’s study saw that around 100,000 people stuck it out and illegally downloaded the game anyway.



    • The download size is the biggest reason why, when I get this, I’ll be getting the PS4 version.

      I can’t download 40gb!!!!!! That’s nuts in this country for most people given the general speed/ cap/ internet costs compared to other places. (Great news for games though. Tose ‘megatextures’, or whatever they are calling them, look great.)

      Plus my PC doesn’t have a disk drive. That one fell prey to the digital life style :/

      EDIT: Forget the megatexture thing. While they are in the game, most the files hogging the space are audio for different languages, like Arkham Origins.

    • Thank God for freezone on iiNet. It’s not counted if you download from their Steam Servers.

      • Oh really? Sweet! I’m on iinet and I know freezone applies to Xbox live, but I didn’t know it did with steam too!

        • It does … but you have to set it up properly.

          You can configure Steam to take content off the iiNet Steam server, but it’s not 100% reliable. If the server gets overloaded, it can take content off other servers and you’re none the wiser. To restrict the content server you need a little app called “steam-limiter*” (https://code.google.com/p/steam-limiter/) which limits downloads to the selected server rather than let Steam decide. That’s what I do and all my steam downloads come off the “freezone”.

          * If you don’t want to use steam-limiter there are a couple of other options available out there. I find it’s the best of the bunch though.

  • Meh pirating has it’s downside, you end up spending a lot more time and effort to get a game this way not to mention you don’t know what else you might end up getting with the download.

    That said I grew up in a third world country where buying a game cost a month’s wage (no joke here) from my parents so piracy was the only way I ever got to experience and learn to love games, I now buy all of my games because I can afford to and like to support the developers behind games I like; that said Piracy has its uses too and I wouldn’t have my love of games now if I didn’t have them growing up.

  • Geez, It sounds like they might have to take it to the next level and go and steal a retail copy of the game from a store this time

    • but then they’d have to give it back when they’re done.. because piracy doesn’t physically deduct from the victim :p

      • Well it does and doesn’t. If you develop the game needing 1000 people to buy you game for it to be worth while, but instead only 100 buy it and 5000 pirate it then they have lost on investment of time/money.

        However, piracy can also lead to sales just like demo-disks could. So it can also increase the profits of a developer.

        It’s really varied and hard to blanket as bad or good for the industry.

  • If they were having issues downloading it from a legitimate source, such as Steam, I’d have all the sympathy in the world for them but…..
    As it stands now, my response is BWAHahahahahahaha……

    • And you paid $80 for the same download and I paid naught so keep laughing chuckles.

  • If you’re playing games on PC then you’ve really got no excuse to be pirating games these days anyway. If you don’t want to pay full price then just wait for a sale, a bundle, or buy it online from an overseas vendor. Ofcourse if you want to play it on day one, then deal with it and buy the damn game.

  • I’m concerned about the effect this will have on publishers – if publishers see bloated files as a deterent to software infringement.. enough to outweigh slightly higher distribution costs.. then I expect huge padded files to become standard.

  • Found that 15GB version super fast. The main reason these games are SOO big is that they don’t optimize there work and they include all the language packs in the download. Remove all the files that are not needed = 15-20gb.

  • Here is the reason that i will be downloading this game Illegally.
    (as well as many other games)

    before spending a ridicilous amount of money on a game (i got watch dogs last night, legit, after playing it the night before) i spent $94 or so AUD on steam.
    buying the game from the states would end up MUCH cheaper.
    that is only part of the reason, i wouldn’t care if it was around $50, i would just buy it right away, but close to $100???

    the second reason is this:
    where is the demo?
    I want to know what a game is like BEFORE i purchase it. all this steam greenlight, alpha access, beta access, early access is rubbish, why pay FULL (or close to it) for a game that should be given out as a DEMO???? i haven’t seen a demo for YEARS!!! (actually, windows phone allows me to try some games, as well as the windows 8 metro store).

    I want to see what these games are like before i purchase them, hence i will download them, try them, if i like them, go out and buy them, if i don’t, just delete them.

    • Reasons you’re downloading the game illegally:

      1) you want to play it without paying for it
      2) …?

    • Why are you complaining that you spent $100 when it can be had legally for much cheaper?

    • Don’t know what you mean by $100, I bought Wolf from Greenman Gaming for $60. To me, that qualifies as “around $50”.

      While, I agree, there should be a demo, the game is worth buying.

    • You CAN get Wolfenstein for around $50 though…

      That being said, companies are less willing to be transparent about their products resulting in quite a number of high-selling games coming out in largely unplayable states. Battlefield 4 had huge single and multiplayer problems, Watch Dogs is terribly optimized, Sleeping Dogs was unplayable for the first few months with an SLi setup etc… People are now paying without a safety net because most of the actual keys you enter are non-refundable or at least improbably-refundable. Consumers have far less power today than they’ve ever had before but it seems most people still side with anti-consumer practices more than consumers themselves.

      That being said; i bought Wolfenstein for close to $50. Because it’s a much fairer price to take a risk on than the non-existant $100 pc game.

    • Diablo 3 did a demo. Allowed you to play up to Skeleton King. But you are right. They’re rare as.

      • One publisher did a study which found that releasing a demo actually *reduced* sales (by around 50%, actually).

        Google “game demo reduces sales” for a few of the articles published about it.

        But really, for almost any game, the answer to the complaint that “this game is too expensive” is either “you didn’t look hard enough” or “wait six months”.

        • Extra Credits did a pretty good video explaining this in more detail but the basic matrix is:

          People not interested + Bad demo = no change
          People not interested + OK demo = no change
          People not interested + Good demo = possibility of small sale increase
          People interested + Bad demo = highly likely to lose sales
          People interested + OK demo = no change
          People interested + Good demo = no change

          Additionally, there might be people only sort of interested who might feel after playing the demo “I’ve had my fill, there’s now no need for me to play the full game”.

          There’s no incentive for developers to make a demo since it’s more likely to lose them sales than gain any, and it’s hard to make a demo that’s actually good since you’re looking at a small slice of the whole experience. If I had to base my purchasing decision of Wolfenstein on the first level, for instance, I would probably not have been interested. On the other hand giving me a chunk of the game near the end with no context would have been confusing and might have resulted in a negative impression as well.

          This whole “I’ll download it illegally then buy it if I like it” mentality is bullshit. Most of the time it simply doesn’t happen, at least not inside the launch window. What they mean is that I’ll play it at launch for free then add it to my collection later when it’s $2 on Steam in five years.

          • I played the Beta of Titanfall and felt like I really got my fill from it. I was going to buy it before that but ended up skipping it.

  • I bought the game and downloaded it from Steam. I’m with Internode so the 40 gig didn’t even touch my quota.

  • For some reason this post reminds me of anti-communist propaganda.

    “Fear not! Reports are saying those dastardly pirates are having a hard time with this game! Victory and a righteous future is at hand!”

    • From Just Cause 2:

      “Scientists from the institute of volcanic activities, explain that the explosions reported from the mountains of Gunung Gila Pangkat, was small eruptions of a previously unknown, active, and very benign volcano which has have now disappeared.”

      “Reports from the Emas Hitam Oil Refinery, where so much of Panau’s oil is being refined from crude Bruneian sludge, suffered a series of terrible accidents and multiple fatalities today. Reports of gunshots from the area are however dismissed by Police spokespersons as mere hearsay. There has been no organized crime takeover in the area.”

  • So “news” is now reading Pirate bay comments and reporting on them?? Jesus…

    Anyway, my mate got the 43 gig download, He just waited a week for it to DL and started playing it 2 days ago. It’s not the end of the world. If you aren’t gonna pay for it then who cares? Waiting a few days won’t kill you.

    • Your mate huh? Hopefully he also payed a fair price for a console version as well, to offset the cloying guilt he felt from blatantly stealing the PC version 😉

      • Nah, the bastard made ME pay for a console version! Dirty effing pirates. Scum I tells you! SCUM!

  • I bought and downloaded it on the Microsoft Digital store.
    So glad I have unlimited internet.
    I won’t be deleting this game for a long time. 😛

  • This is why the current trend of the EU territories getting only digital releases is worrying me. Of course, if old mate Abbott would stop screwing us around on the NBN I might not have such an issue with it…

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