Wolfenstein's Cool Easter Egg Is A '90s Throwback

Wolfenstein's Cool Easter Egg Is A 90s Throwback

It's 2014, and there's a new Wolfenstein game out today, which is weird and surreal and kind of hilarious for longtime gamers. Wolfenstein, after all, is one of the longest-running franchises in video game history, spanning all the way back to Castle Wolfenstein on the Commodore 64.

Mike's cranking through the game today, so expect a review soon. In the meantime, here's a fun little easter egg in the new Wolfenstein — you can actually discover and shoot your way through a stage from id's Wolfenstein 3D, released in 1992. 1992! 22 years ago. We're all old.


    two things :

    2) RAGE did the same thing a few years ago.

      I'm with @35 on this one. The game literally only just came out. Give us a chance to at least even pick the game up from our local retailer.


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      God forbid they at least spoilertag the image that'll be on the front page, instead of making it instantly obvious what the easter egg is from a glance.

    Didn't RAGE have this same Easter Egg?
    and is it me, or does the 2D art and enviroment really make the HUD arm/weapon image stand out and look ugly?

    22 years ago. We’re all old.

    I'm only 26, I'm not close to being old.

      It really doesn't take long. I'm now 36, and 26 seems like yesterday!

        But you're still not old!

          Tell that to someone 30 is to old to even talk to!

    Man I'm loving this game, I finished it yesterday and I'm onto my second timeline play-through on UBER.

    Quite an enjoyable game. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but rewarding enough. Does the weapon wheel (on consoles) ever irk anyone else though? Sometimes I find it a bit awkward to choose a specific weapon, especially in the midst of the action.

      IT FREEZES ALL THE TIME ON PS4! seriously its so frustrating in the middle of firefights. But other than that and the stupid f$%king item pickups all the time i absolutely love it.

        If each weapon was slightly 'sticky' in regards to aiming the analog stick around the wheel I think things would be a lot better. I haven't had any freezes though. Item pickups are rather annoying - if they were aiming for true Wolfenstein fashion we'd be able to simply walk over cartridges instead of mashing the square button around the floor...

        Loving the soundtrack and the entire premise though. And holy shit does Blaskowicz' crisp ocean-blue eyes grant him the thousand yard stare; not to mention that grave voice :P

    Nit and error on the article... Castle wolfenstein was released in the early 80 and it was on the platform of that time apple II Atari 400 etc.
    Fact check

    I was playing caste wolfenstein in the early 80 on old aplle II+ .. It may not have been the fancy psudo 3d and colour displays but it was still the fun

      Yeah apple II was definitely the platform it was released on. It was ported to some other platforms later. This is an apple II classic. What kind of miscreants do we have doing our journalism these days? *waves walking stick in air*

    But.. When the nazis die in WOLF3d they say different things! It wrecks the immersion!

      Mein Leben!

    1. i agree though spoilers dont bother me, they should be hidden, not plasted on the front page ><
    2. rage didnt give a full level, just a 2x2 room for wolf, doom and the difficulty selection from quake

    I might be looking at it a little too deep. But the character falls asleep and "Dreams" about past events. This isn't just some Easter egg from our gaming past. This guy is dealing with some serious shit by reliving a traumatizing event! Dark ID, dark.

    sooo many hidden doors missed D:

    Castle Wolfenstein and Return to Castle Wolfenstein on the Apple //e were just awesome!

    If we are clutching, Doom 2 was the first to include it as an easter egg.

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