World Of Warships Developers Compare Everything To Tanks

The first dev diary from the developers behind World of Warships is out, and they can't stop comparing ships to tanks. I suppose they're speaking the language of their long-time World of Tanks players, but I can't help imagining them doing it in real life.

"Last night was like a Scout tank with a few armour modifications, just right."

"This pasta is sitting really heavy, a bit too much like a Churchill III."

Alright, enough of that. Also, I totally missed the opportunity to link the Ship of Theseus with this.

I like how passionately they speak about their game, though. And how frank they are about certain elements. But I did walk away from it still wondering if there will be submarines...


    Can't see Subs being a part of it. War Gaming sound as though they're basically re running the World of Tanks formula. Just minus the Tank destroyers and arty roles.

    I remember when I played WoT then I somehow stumbled upon Warthunder and it's been love ever since.

    Leggo = Warthunder
    Duplo = World of Tanks

      Logged in *just* to say, if you actually believe this analogy, you were playing with the wrong meccano sets.

      Warthunder > World of Warplanes.
      Warthunder (Ground) < World of Tanks


    I really don't like Wargaming's pay-to-win structure in their games but unfortunately this hits enough of my buttons I could actually see myself losing a lot of time to it. I knew I was in trouble when I can recognize the ship in that opening animation in the video (IJN Battleship Fusou, post 1941 after her Pagoda mast remodel, if anyone cares).

    On the upside, at least unlike games involving tanks or WW2-era aircraft, the Russian developers can't massively inflate the stats of the Russian vehicles, since Russia didn't really have much of a warship fleet competitive with the other major powers of the era (most of Russia's ships were outdated vessels acquired from the US and UK via lend lease).

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