Would Your Pro Mario Kart Skills Translate To Real Life?

Today is a sad day. I've only just discovered how to get the perfect boost at the start of a race in Mario Kart. Perhaps I didn't feel the need to urgently research this particular factoid because its ability to help me when actually go-karting is limited. Or so I thought.

The folks over at Rooster Teeth decided to put two facets of Mario Kart reality to the test — what's the best way to accelerate from the starting line; and the spinning-out qualities of road bananas — by trying them on real karts.

I won't spoil it for you, sufficed to say I was surprised by the results of the first test. As for the second, well... I now know what an army of bananas is capable of.

Sadly, there's a distinct lack of turtle shells and star power-ups, but these, I imagine, are a little harder to track down than a certain yellow fruit.

Immersion: Mario Kart [YouTube, via The Awesomer]


    I’ve only just discovered how to get the perfect boost at the start of a race in Mario Kart.

    And the timing is different in every game! Just to confuse you even more...

    Wow, I always believed in Mario Kart's realism. I think I might do my own test of whether Lakitu will pick me up if I accidentally drive into the ocean...

      Whilst youre at it, test if falling off a rainbow road whilst in space will have you magically reappear back at the point you fell off

      Last edited 20/05/14 1:33 pm

    Last week a dog ran in front of my car and I managed to avoid...
    - the dog
    - a cyclist
    - parked cars on one side
    - trees on the other and
    - oncoming traffic
    ...all with a few swift turns and a tap of the brakes.
    I credit years of Mario Kart built reflexes for not killing/maiming a single thing that day.

    If you are going to link RT content then link it to Roosterteeth.com not the Awesomer.

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