X-Men: Days Of Future Past’s Sentinels Could Have Looked Very Different

X-Men: Days Of Future Past’s Sentinels Could Have Looked Very Different

The giant, mutant-killing robots in the latest X-Men movie didn’t look exactly like they do in Marvel Comics’ popular superhero series. They were still recognisable as Sentinels though. Alternate designs would have had them look almost like human beings.

A post up at Slashfilm reveals that both the Sentinels from the past and future eras of the newest X-Men film went through a few different iterations. Design studio Framestore contributed to Days of Future Past and worked up radically different looks for the fearsome mechanical menaces that Wolverine and crew have to take on. Some of the looks invoke Japanese mecha styling. Others look a lot more amorphous and organic, with a slightly feminine silhouette that recalls X-Men arch-villain Mystique. I really hope those mecha designs show up in an alternate reality somewhere.


  • While design wise they were quite removed from their comic counterparts, I feel like it was a smart move as the it wouldn’t have translated well into uncanny valley.

  • Saw this movie last night, Quicksilver’s kitchen scene is probably the best thing I’ll see all year.

  • I’m glad they used the ones they did. They still look like Sentinels while the other designs don’t IMO.

  • While DOFP was really amazing, one of my main gripes is the lack of costumes, and that includes the look of the Sentinels. For one, they look REALLY out of place for the 70’s. They do a lot of retro stuff like Hank’s remote control and cathode ray tubes and there’s this huge huge HUGE opportunity to do a retro, ICONIC look like the comics while still keeping “future Sentinels” and they botch it. This exposed Transformers look is also very impractical(compare a tank or Iron Man where most things are shielded). If you think about the Terminator movies, you can see evolution between the T-800 and T-1000, and with Sentinels it’s even more compounded with some being as big as a house(and ripping off a roof as an iconic shot in multiple comics like a human discovering a nest of rats or something), and the whole mutant thing is ABOUT evolution too. Master Mold, Nimrod, Danger, nano-tech… they don’t have to cover it all.

    However… I DO like the jets in the middle of the torso… seems kinda practical.

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