Xenonauts, A Love Letter To The Original X-COM, Will Be Out This Month

Goldhawk Interactive's Xenonauts is close to done. Really close. What's "really" in an actual timeframe? Six days. If X-COM: Enemy Within left you with a massive craving for games combining tactical, isometric combat with high-level strategy, base-building and research, Xenonauts could be for you.

In a recent news post, developer Goldhawk announced the game is just about ready for a retail release, with 30 May locked in. While the game has been available via Steam Early Access for $US19.99 (and basically represents what the full version will play like), it's easy to see how an indie game with so many elements — and a legacy to live up to — could end up in development forever.

Xenonauts stays more faithful to the X-COM series than the recent, re-imagined version from Firaxis. Rather than adopt a futuristic feel as XCOM: Enemy Unknown did, Xenonauts tasks you with taking on intergalactic nasties with "1970s' ballistic technology".

It also boasts a research tree with "almost" 100 projects and although the graphics aren't on the same level as its triple-A alternative, they're much improved over the original X-COM games.



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