You Can Play As Snoop Dogg In League Of Legends

If you play as Nasus in League of Legends, good news: you can wear a skin that turns that character into Snoop Dogg. And, naturally, he can do the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” dance, as well as perform weed-related moves.

You can see him in action in the video above, by ThePentaT. Heck, you can download this skin yourself, here. Note that this change is local and cosmetic and can only been seen by you, not other players you face off against. A shame, because I’m sure people would pay good money for an official skin. Snoop makes all video games better, after all.

In any case, if you are downloading the skin, here’s a tutorial on how to install it:

And now to have The Next Episode stuck in my head all day. Thanks, Snoop.

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