You Know You Want To Watch 6 Minutes Of Conan O'Brien Playing Watch Dogs

Watching Conan O'Brien playing video games is sort of like watching your Dad playing video games, except your Dad is funny, tall and overwhelmingly ginger. In this episode of Clueless Gamer Conan O'Brien plays the upcoming Watch Dogs and it is particularly awesome.

My personal favourite part is when he stumbles across a middle-aged woman driving a boat in her dressing gown and then accidentally shoots her. Reaction: genuine shock. Genuine 'what have I done!' It's beautiful.

Also, you get to see plenty of Watch Dogs in action, live, in the flesh, played by someone who doesn't have a vested interest in showing you all the cool bits. When you see Conan playing a video game you pretty much see a video game at its worst.

And Watch Dogs still looks sorta great!


    No... I just wanna friggin' play it myself!!!

      Same here!!! Seen this and the IGN video...come on next week already!

    I hate nothing more than watching someone else play a game that i have to wait until next weekend to play!
    (hmmn... i might have some sick leave built up)

      I'm the same... yet I'm trying so hard not to push the play button...

    It sucks working in games retail as we get the stock in early so we can make sure it's good to go come release day. It's just sitting there on the shelves in the back room, taunting me, watching me, wanting me to play it. But I can't :(

      I most certainly do not envy your position. You must have Jedi-like levels of self-control!

        I've built up quite a level of self-control indeed! Thinking I might have to start super early Monday morning and sneak a go on of the stores interactive consoles... :o

      When I worked in games retail we always used to grab stuff pre-embargo.

      I even worked out a system so we could pay for them without putting them through the system until launch.

      We did have a damn awesome boss though, I think she liked to reward us with those kind of harmless little perks when she could.

        That's awesome! Never get away with that kind of thing at my store.

          On the plus side it meant I could talk with authority when new games were actually released.

          And considering how much I spent on games in store it was nice to get something back.

          Of course most of the time there was only a day or two lead, the supply chain was actually good enough that they didn't generally need to leave a lot of padding. Exception was some of the really big launches, was playing MW2 almost a week before launch =P

    Does he really count as "someone who doesn’t have a vested interest in showing you all the cool bits" though? Developers had to pay for their games to appear in previous instalments of this segment.

    Either way, it is entertaining.

    Can you please upload the YouTube version of these videos. I usually view this site on my phone and the video windows are very tiny and load so slowly compared to embedded YouTube videos.

    Ok, so I've just gone from, hmmm, "Watchdogs looks ok", to "Gimme Gimme Gimme" That actually looks awesome. Can't wait.

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