You’ll Soon Be Able To Tip Twitch Users With Dogecoin

You’ll Soon Be Able To Tip Twitch Users With Dogecoin

Crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin are still regarded by many as a novelty, or even unsavoury, considering the former’s association with Silk Road, an online market for illicit goods. Dogecoin, on the other hand, has no such ties and thanks to the currency’s unique properties (and likeable mascot), has found itself as the fourth most-traded crypto-currency… and soon a tipping commodity on Twitch.

According to The Daily Dot’s Cody Conners, users will soon have the ability to tip Twitch streamers with Dogecoins, via the site’s chat rooms. The functionality will come courtesy of Josh Mohland and David Dvorak, the same people behind Reddit’s Dogecoin tip bot.

An update to the story carries confirmation from a Twitch representative:

“Dogecoin, which is a great fit for Twitch since it also boasts a remarkably supportive community, is one more example of our robust API in action.”

It’s a shot in the arm for Dogecoin’s popularity and crypto-currency in general, but it remains to be seen how Twitch’s community will take to it. Knowing the internet, probably a lot.

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Image: Christine Ricks


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