Your First Look At The Brand New Batmobile

Some folks are pouring cold water on this Batman vs Superman movie. Me? I'm not so invested to the point where I can't just enjoy something silly. I'm happy to turn my brain off, particularly where Zach Snyder is involved, and just watch. With that said, Zach himself sent the internet into a spiral of hype when he tweeted the world's first look at the new Batmobile.

Vroom vroom indeed.

It still has that super weighty feel of Christopher Nolan's Batmobile by the looks of things, but I'm going to guess it'll look a little more streamlined?

Speculate away.


    Looks like a kind of hybrid of Nolan's and Burton's

    It's going to look like a Batmobile. Like it always has. In all its actuality.

    Not being cynical; an observation.

      Realistically, the Tumbler never looked like a batmobile, it looked like a giant-ass tank. It even had a turret lol. That being said I did love the Tumbler :D

        Well Millers Batmobile was a tank and often cited as a big Influence on the Tumbler. So every body is kinda right :D

          Indeed, but Millers Batmobile is an 'elseworlds' tale. The Dark Knight returns and The Dark Knight Strikes Back are considered non-canon. Though canon in Batman is really a grain of salt thing, considering DC reboots it every goddamn 5 seconds in the last 30 years lmao.

          Fact is the tumbler looked kickass, it served a great purpose and it suited Nolans universe perfectly. Let's hope this one is more comicbook oriented and gives us something different :)

            This looks a bit like the Beware the Batman Batmobile, but with a single tail. I consider the Burton Batmobile and the Animated Series to have the best one.

    Makes me think of a mix between the tumbler from the Nolan series and the Batman Forever version

    Can they just drop the Superman part already

      And the Snyder part. Then I'll be happy.

      Whats the problem? Is understandable that many people will be interested in Batman because he is getting a reboot, Superman we know from MOS.

      The movie is still about Superman, I mean Batman has a huge impact on Superman's development

      Last edited 13/05/14 8:35 pm

      Batman meeting superman has always been an important and amazing moment in any continuity, it should be super, but it's the Snyder bit that is the worry

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