Your PC Must Be This Beefy To Play Wolfenstein: The New Order

Your PC Must Be This Beefy to Play Wolfenstein: The New Order

When Nazis take over the world, Xbox 360s all around the weep in agony. Wolfenstein: The New Order will ship with a hefty four discs for Microsoft's last-gen game console. You're going to need a decent chunk of space on PC and PlayStation hardware too.

Bethesda's letting players know the requirements they will need to run the latest Wolfenstein game smoothly on their system of choice. Let's start with PC:


64-bit Windows 7/Windows 8

Intel Core i7 or equivalent AMD

4 GB System RAM

50 GB free HDD space

GeForce 460, ATI Radeon HD 6850

High Speed Internet Connection

Steam account and activation required

What about consoles? 47 GB installs of the game will be mandatory, for the PS4 and Xbox One versions, which will also feature voice command support:

PlayStation 4

  • Hard Drive Requirements: 8 GB HDD minimum and ~47 GB for total install
  • Voice Commands optional

Xbox One

  • Hard Drive requirements: 8 GB minimum and ~47 GB total install
  • Kinect support for Voice Commands (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish only)

Xbox 360

  • Hard Drive requirements: 8 GB minimum
  • Game includes 4 discs, including the first disc that is a mandatory installation disc.

PlayStation 3

  • Hard Drive requirements for disc play: 8 GB HDD space
  • Hard Drive requirements for PSN download: 17 GB HDD space

Is this too much to ask for some over-the-top Nazi-killing action? Well, that depends on whether you want to let the Third Reich run roughshod over bad-arse old men. You don't want that to happen, do you?


    In other words, the game is terribly optimised

      The game uses idtech 5, which uses what they call megatextures... The game is massive because the texture files are huge. The original uncompressed build for RAGE was something like 1TB.

        Does it still have that thing where when you look at something new its blurry for a little bit.

          Isn't the stream-loading of textures / in-game loading associated mostly with the Unreal engine?

          Out of the box yes, a simple .cfg file and you're set... Hopefully Wolfenstein is better optimised out of the box.

        Rage looked phenomenal... the real show stealers in the dev team though were the animators... if only the storyline had more substance and the ending wasnt abysmal.

        i was one of the lucky few that had no issues with the megatexture tech whatsoever.

      Hey look, someone learned a development word from the internet!

      Explain. File sizes jumped up because the next-gen can actually support the massive textures - and PC isn't just getting a shitty 360/PS3 port with identical textures.

      Everything else is either typical or low-end. For PC.

        the i7 processor

          Yeah I guess. Although it's pretty vague, as they come in dual-core 1.7GHz chips up to 6-core 3.5GHz+ chips. :P

    WOAH 47gb!?!?!?!?!?! So you have to install the whole goddamn Bluray!? There better be nothing less than 100% 60fps, BEAUTIFUL textures, not one muddy texture in sight.... jesus christ. 47gb!? Better be goddamn lossless audio as well for that size!!!

      It runs 1080p 60fps on XB1 and PS4, and from the previews and what i've seen, it looks delicious.

      Yea, That's all I got out of this. the system requirements beyond that are pretty average.

    Requirements: "High Speed Internet Connection"

    Like, all the time?

      Often times that means it requires something like Steam or Origin which you need to be connected to at least fairly regularly.

        Yeah, I figured that, but in this age of Always On it doesn't hurt to pose the hypothetical.

    I miss games like Crysis that demanded specs we didn't even have yet. That game is still super pretty even to this day.

      I think most people with low to mid tier setup still can't run it max yet. The beauty of crysis

    Meh, not bad at all. Will probably pick it up since even my laptop can run this.

    Is that PC minimum or recommended?

      I think it's the recommended specs to run it at 60fps.

        I am actually glad that they are finally updating the minimum and recommended specs to new CPU and GPU now. It used to show like what Dual Core Processor and GT9600 or something which is rather annoying as you don't find benchmark of those GPU and new GPUs anymore.

          don't you be knocking my gt9600 :-P The old girl's served me well these past few years

    4 discs on 360? that's rough :P I've been lucky enough to get an advance copy from a friend who developed some elements for it, and it does not disappoint one bit.

    going by rage it will likely be a 25gig download from steam as the Ps3 version is 17gig download and obviously wont be as pretty as the PS4 version and sure as hell wont be anywhere as pretty as the PC version

    What I am still missing: an i7 what?
    Some speed indication might be helpful.
    like going to a mechanic and he tells you your car needs new tyres. How many? 1, 2, 3, 4?

      the current i3's with a decent OC are significantly faster than the 1st gen i7's. so yes, these numbers are useless.

      They are up to 4th gen i7's.
      Remember the X58 chipset is years old and that was an i7 2.6ghz quad core.

        That's my point. An i7 doesn't mean anything by itself. If you read it as is, "i7" could mean a several years old i7 or an i7 that is still to be invented, or anything in between.

    Could they be a bit more specific with the i7 processor? the i7 range of processors range from high end 6 core CPU's to low and mid range laptop CPU's.

    I'm sorry these aren't high end specs, these weren't high end two years ago let alone today, aside from the i7 (unless they're talking first gen) these are all entry level specs, less in my opinion.

    PlayStation 4
    Hard Drive Requirements: 8 GB HDD minimum and ~47 GB for total install

    I thought all games needed to be installed in their entirety on PS4 / XBone? So isn't the requirement just 47Gb? Or does this mean the initial install before you can start playing is 8gig and the remainder will install in the background?

    When they say minimum 8GB, do they mean the complete installation is optional, and you can install 8gb and play off the disc / install the full content and have slightly faster load times?

    Regardless these games are starting to chip into the 500gb a wee bit... Suppose it was expected given most next-gen titles are around the 50gb mark. I'll install this one if it means prettier textures and lossless audio or something. And I mean beautiful textures EVERYWHERE.

    be glad they didnt go the way of titanfall and use uncompressed audio... i get why they did it, to move resources away from decompressing audio, and to the actual game, but it sucks that they dont give players an option on install.

    titanfall is only 15gb and the other 36 is all uncompressed audio.

    Last edited 02/05/14 4:38 pm

    Looks like they didn't bother specificaly detailing the system requirement

    I need to upgrade my CPU at some point, damn 1155 board reduces my options but I can get an i7 around the 3.2Ghz mark atleast

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