Yup, The Next Battlefield Game Is About Cops

Yup, The Next Battlefield Game Is About Cops

All but confirming earlier reports, EA has opened a website for Battlefield: Hardline, which from the previous stories and the official imagery appears to ditch global warfare in favour of some very heavy-handed police action.

Counter-Strike with tanks, anyone?

The site is saying there’ll be a more comprehensive unveiling on June 9 (i.e. at E3).

If you’re worrying about DICE spreading themselves too thin, this game is being developed not by the Swedish studio, but by Visceral. So maybe the singleplayer campaign — and there will be a singleplayer campaign — might be better this time around.



  • To be honest, I was immediately turned off when I heard there was a new Battlefield in the works, let alone for this year, considering the state Battlefield 4 is still in.

    But after reading in to it more and finding out what it’s about and how it isn’t being made by DICE, but instead Visceral, you have the right to colour me interested. I wont be going out and pre-ordering day one like I have done pretty much every other Battlefield, but I will remain interested with any information that comes out of it.

    Might just wait till the Hardline Beta releases, whenever that may be, use it as a, “try before I buy”, method. Overall, I was disgusted at first, but after looking in to it further, i’m interested to see where it goes.

  • Yeah the BF4 single player was worse than the BF3 outing which itself was mediocre (not bad but not good). At least in BF3 you got to be a Russian spec ops soldier, a tank driver, and a RIO in a jet fighter for part of it.

    I would love a mission in BF5 where you have to pilot a transport helicopter (or little bird/ZW-11) I’m thinking a timed Search and Rescue misson where your forces are experiencing heavy casualties and you have to reach them and get them back to a hospital ship in time, while also maybe shipping reinforcements to the front line. What would be even better is that the gameplay in this mission should force you to decide at moments where on the battlefield to focus your attention (That combined with a branching storyline similar to Black Ops 2 would spice things up a bit).

  • COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. I’ve been waiting for an FPS where you are a cop for fucking ages. I can’t wait for this. Keen to see what visceral comes up with, but EA probably gave them 10 minutes to make the fucking game. 7/10 interested

    • Have you never played any of the SWAT games? I reckon 4 (with The Stetchkov Syndicate expansion) still holds up really well. If you’ve never tried it, you should (multiplayer co-op is particularly awesome, though these days you need to use a program like Hamachi for online LAN play as the servers have been shutdown).

      Also, the Rainbow Six games are kind of halfway between a cop game and a military shooter, so they’ve always been a goto game for me in that vein as well.

      • I actually did play SWAT but it was way back when I didn’t know a good game from a bad one. Not saying SWAT was bad I just can’t remember it. Rainbow 6 is fun but still errs on the side of military shooter

  • So, this means we will never ever be getting another Bad Company game… ever.


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