$5 Mario Game Sounds Worth The Investment

$5 Mario Game Sounds Worth The Investment

Sometimes, you need to spend millions of dollars on CG trailers, magazine advertisements and TV commercials to sell a game. And sometimes you need to just tell a story straight from the heart.

This craigslist ad for a used Game Boy copy of Super Mario Land sounds worth the $5 asking price just to share old war stories with the owner, whose sales pitch includes stuff like:

Here are some memorable quotes from people in my life who witnessed me playing this game frantically and relentlessly at all hours of the day and night:

“Go to bed!” – Mpm

“Please turn that off and come eat dinner.” – Mom

“NOW!!!!” – Mom

“Did you just throw your Game Boy against the wall?” – Mom

“I’m taking this away from you.” – Mom

And also:

Listen, there are 4 worlds, each containing 3 levels, and they’re not going to be conquering themselves any time soon since I became addicted to the internet and don’t have time to be saving Daisy’s sorry arse anymore. But maybe you are out there. You, the one person in the world who owns a Game Boy and somehow has never owned the game that anyone who ever owned a Game Boy has already owned.

The seller is in Austin. $5 is $5.

Super Mario Land for Game Boy – $5 (Central Austin) [craigslist, via The Daily Dot]

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