A Beautiful Video Game That's Not Like Other Video Games

A Beautiful Video Game That's Not Like Other Video Games

Lumino City is a video game, but it's unlike almost any other video game you've ever played. There aren't any "graphics" here (well, aside from the character), just a real, miniature world made of "paper, card, miniature lights and motors".

It's a visual trend that lived and died briefly in the 1990s with games like Neverhood, but when more contemporary titles (LittleBigPlanet, Machinarium) have wanted to invoke the same feeling they have relied on replicating it with 2D art and 3D software.

Lumino City does it the hard way. When the camera shifts focus it's not programming, it's simply playing footage of a real camera shifting focus. When the world spins as part of a puzzle, it's a lovingly hand-built world spinning in the real world and filmed for the game.

Instead of hiring, say, someone to built the game world out of 3D, Lumino City is "a ten foot high model city...built by hand and by laser cutter, with each motor and light wired up individually, bringing the scenes to luminous life."

Below is the game's new trailer. It's...wow.

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    holy shitballs that is an amazing level of commitment. guaranteeing a purchase from me for the effort alone.

    A little off topic, but I was just thinking about a Godzilla Destroy All Monsters style game where they built an old school style set like this and replicated the special effects that went with it.

    This makes me feel like I'm watching kids shows on ABC again.

    I think I need it.

    This looks really cool, it reminds me a lot of Tearaway visually.

    Edit: Obviously not in terms of gameplay, just wanted to clarify.

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    Good of you to mention Neverhood, but what about its successor Armikrog?

    Looks incredible! The main protagonist sprite is a little bit of a let down but its made the same way I understand the simplicity. will definitely play it still.

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