A Children's Choir Was The Best Part Of The Game Of Thrones Finale

A Children's Choir Was The Best Part Of The Game of Thrones Finale

Last night's Game of Thrones season finale had some ups and downs — plenty more ups than downs, in my opinion — but I hope we can all agree that the music stole the show.


Spoilers follow!


As much as I enjoyed several big scenes in last night's episode — chief among them the brutal throwdown between Brienne of Tarth and The Hound, as well as Hound actor Rory McCann's incredible final scene — my favourite part of the episode came at the end.

Arya Stark hopped a ship to Braavos, the camera swept out for an epic wide shot, and this killer version of Ramin Djawadi's famous theme kicked in, complete with a children's choir.

From 1:37 in particular: Hell yeah. It was a grand ending to an uneven but generally strong season, with the singing children echoing the Children of the Forest as well as Arya Stark herself, less a child than ever before, on her way to a new life across the sea.

Great final shot. Great final tune.

What did you all think of the finale? And more broadly, what did you think of this season?


    Having read the books, I was expecting some more things to happen. A little disappointed that they didn't. Otherwise, it was a great finale to the season.

      Pretty much word for word what I was going to say. Pretty sure they just want a few more cards in their hand for next season, which is fair enough I guess. It wasn't amazing, but it was good enough to close the season on.

      I was the opposite, I didn't think they would fit as much into the final episode as they did, I would have been really pissed had those major events not happened.

      I thought it was a good finale after what felt like a weaker season. It brought back some of the epic feel that had been lost this season.
      The brawl between the Hound and Brienne was brilliant, a great addition by the showrunners that wasn't in the book.

      Next season I worry about, bugger-all happens in the books other than one major revelation, it is going to be hard to make the next season not drag I think.
      Plus all the fun characters with the good lines are basically out of action. The Red Viper, the Hound, Bron, Shae, Ygritte and to an extent Tyrion and Varys are all gone.
      Out of those left, John Snow is kind of dull, as is Stannis, and even the Onion Knight are unlikely to deliver the cutting lines and intrigue that has been a trademark of the show.

      I know it was the previous episode, but Ygritte's death was kind of wasted, in the books it happens much earlier, and has a lot more punch and pain. In the show they kind of let us forget all about her for a bunch of episodes, only to bring her back as a cold murdering killer, which made her death a lot easier on the viewer.

      All in all the pacing seemed off this season, either plodding or too rushed, and everything felt small. Joff's wedding looked tiny, John and crew where at the wall, then seemingly ten minutes later were at Crastor's Keep, and just as quickly were back again. One minute Sansa was at Kings Landing, and then pretty much just appeared at the Eyrie. They lost that feeling of grandeur and epic scale that I loved about previous seasons.

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        Don't forget the next two books run in parallel, so the fleshing out of a season should be easier for the show by combining the two sides of the timeline as intended.

    I had a similar feeling at the end of season 1 when Daenerys emerges from the flames with her dragons. The music that plays at the end of that and through the credits I think is the best song from the entire GOT series and I haven't seen alot of people recognise it. Its called 'Finale'

    Its all bollocks but my wife likes it

    I read plutarch or herodotus for kicks mind u

      Herodotus was a mindless liar :)

    Great season overall but IMO a disappointing finale. Some gripes and warning, this is real nit-picky. Getting tired of Dany's Abe Lincoln thing now. I knew when we saw the goat bones the first time, that it was only to foreshadow the kid bones and it's a bingo. That first slave also looks awful clean and robust for a bum living in a medieval hellhole.

    The zombie scene was hilarious. I can 'kinda' get behind the regular zombies but how the hell do skeletons fight? They don't have any muscles left, what makes their joints move? How are the bones holding together without all the connective tissue? Good thing they remembered how to parry. Turning the Wall's vague protective barrier into a goddamn force field was also bizarre. Bloodraven was certainly better in the book too. Didn't expect him to look like James Hong from Big Trouble In Little China. Hated everything around the Wall this episode.

    Jaime not admitting to his role in Tysha sucked. His confession and Tyrion's lashing out was one of the most poignant moments between the two brothers. No gold-shitting joke? Missed opportunity.

    Stannis's CGI cavalry looked incredibly fake. Horses don't line up that neatly outside the Australian Outback Spectacular. Particularly when the scene cuts between top-down CGI and actual extras who look far more realistically disorganised.

    They seem to only have one 'deck' set to film on, so it seems every ship in Westeros is exactly the same. Hell, even the Braavosi boat Arya stows on. The casting directors also can't seem to agree on what the Braavosi accent even sounds like. The city is obviously meant to be a fantasy analogue of Venice, and Syrio plus this captain seem to have the Italian thing going on. But then there's Tycho Nestoris played by the so-British-it's-amazing, Mark Gatiss.

      >how the hell do skeletons fight? They don't have any muscles left, what makes their joints move?

    I just thought it was amazing, period. Game of Thrones on a bad day is still better than most. I thought this season was fantastic, and stronger overall than Season 3. I've just started reading the books, and though I'm not too far in yet, am loving it. Between this, Hannibal, Vikings and True Detective, TV hasn't been this awesome since The X Files (which was also, even on it's last legs, exceptional IMHO).

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