A Fresh Look At The Next Borderlands Game, Which Arrives Late 2014

2K Games has released an all-new gameplay trailer for its upcoming FPS-RPG, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. The trailer has it all: new vehicles, new monsters, low gravity, and even a big moon dance number ’cause hey, why not. It’s fun!

The game arrives to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on 14 October 2014 in North America, and three days later elsewhere.


  • Confession time, I’ve never seen any of the Borderlands games or played them, this actually looks like fun though.
    Are the other games like this?

    Oh, and did they have to put that effin ugly thing on the cover again, great looking game, horrible looking cover.

    • Borderlands 1 = awesome for its day. Borderlands 2 is levels above. It really is worth checking out IMO. I do think it is better with mates so hassle your friends to get a copy or make some new ones. 🙂 2 is definitely worth the buy. 🙂

    • Borderlands is without doubt my favourite game series of last gen consoles if not all time. I found Borderlands 1 in a second hand bin having never heard of it before and was gob smacked at how much fun it was. Borderlands 2 is even better. The characters and the sense of humour throughout the games really contribute to the enjoyment while the gameplay itself is just great. Shooting and looting with your friends in online co-op play really is a blast. More games need this style of online non competitive co-op multiplayer gaming (in my opinion)….I’m looking at you Elder Scrolls.

      I am a bit disappointed it won’t be on new gen consoles but I still have my PS3 and I say ‘bring on October’ and more Borderlands for me.

    • The Psycho? They’re a series staple, one of the most common enemies you will encounter (Along with Skaggs and Rakks. Friggin Rakks…), and it continues a theme for the box art already set by 1 and 2. I’d be surprised if the box art DIDN’T have a Psycho on it.

  • i love that all the moon employees have aussie accents?
    and yes it is a play with friends game

    • I’m glad to see some Aussie voices getting a look in, particularly since the game is being developed here (in good ol’ Canberra).

  • As sumone with 1500 hours in BL2 im going to skip this one. Its just the same game with the same god awful droprates and how fun is farming sumthing in lv72-OP8 100 times just for it too drop what your looking for but its 2 levels under max. Yep that was always so much fun gearbox sigh.
    The new Homeworld now thats sumthing to get excited about :3

    • 1500 hrs and you are questioning how fun the core mechanic is?
      How long do you play games you like 🙂

      I get that you may be burned out on Borderlands but it must’ve been fun at some point right?

      • I didnt say anything about like or dislike its a great co-op game (that im still playing) but my complaint is valid, It just adds artificial length to the game. If you play without cheating it made OP8 very unfun and long, it was a massive kick in the guts finding op6-7 shit in op8 as i play mostly solo. I still love BL2 but if the endgame is going to be like BL2 again ill pass :3

    • exactly what i was thinking. 1500 hours ?? that is more time than i have sunk into Civilisation V
      im going to assume 1500 is a typo otherwise you have been spending 5 hours a day for almost the last year playing a game you seem to dislike.

      • Nope love BL2 to bits its just finding stuff in op8 2 levels below broke end game imo. All it did was to encourage people to use hacks and cheats witch made finding a good legit op8 co-op team almost impossible (solo op8 not fun)

  • Pretty sure I’ll be playing as Athena. She was pretty cool in Armory, so hoping that continues. Maybe Nisha.

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